Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life Interrupted

Between planning a wedding and planning a first birthday party, we have been super busy. But not so busy that we haven't taken time to enjoy other special events in our lives.

October is a very special month for our family because we have three October 2012 babies on the Embry side. Maddux Chase (9th), Will Lincoln (30th) and Georgia Grace (30th) were all born within three weeks of each other. Sadly we had to miss Maddux's party due to Paige's wedding shower but we were able to attend Will's this weekend.

The big birthday boy enjoying his smash cake! Sweet boy.

We found a new thing that Georgia Grace loves-a pool of plastic balls! I have seen this on Pinterest and other moms doing it but never made one of our own but I think we will need to invest in one now. She had a "ball"! :)

Will, Georgia Grace, and Avery. Sweet baby friends.

The three baby cousins with their mommies (I'm ashamed of the picture quality, I left my good camera at home. Maybe we can get some better ones Saturday at our party)

All six Embry cousins. This was the best out of about 10 pictures LOL!

Saturday night the Ross's invited us over for some soup and football. We discovered something else that Georgia loves that we will NOT be investing in-a dog bed. We could not keep her out of it (or the candle burner or the TV screen...). She entertained us all to say the least.

Sunday we left GGH in the church nursery again in hopes we could make a regular routine out of leaving her in there during worship service. She made it about 20 minutes until the nursery door was opened and that was it. They had to come get me but not before she took this selfie on our friend Kathrine's iPad ha!

I'm hoping the nursery situation will get easier. I know ultimately she would enjoy the nursery more than "big church" and we would hear the message clearer without having to entertain her. I know it will come in time though and we will just have to be patient until she is ready.

It was Pastor Appreciation Sunday so we had a special dinner after church. She was much happier after a little mommy time and a nap.  We are so thankful for our pastor, Brother Taylor, who selflessly gives his time to minister to our church family AND the community. He is a great leader in the ministry! I'm thankful for all that he has done for my family.

Sunday night we went to cousin Keagen's hayride birthday party. No hayride for us so we just entertained guests inside. Keagen was the one that came and got me out of church that morning and his exact words were (to our friend Gina), "Can you get Katie? She's crying her eyes out!" He really knows how to paint a picture with words :) Cannot believe that big hearted boy is a big 9 year old. We love him so much!

This week is off to a rocky start (hit a deer on my way to work, had a baby/restaurant catastrophe, and a dead battery in our SUV) so I am hoping we are getting all of that out before the birthday party weekend. We are 3 days away!! I can't wait!


  1. Happy early birthday to your precious princess! I take Caroline to church with me every week but haven't tried the nursery yet. I just keep the cheerios and raisins coming and she stays pretty quiet haha

    1. Thank you!! It is so surreal it's already been a whole year. Totally hear you on the snack trick ;) We may have to resort back to that because this mommy heart hates to see her upset!