Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend and WALKING

I usually like to blog about things in chronological order but I'm jumping right to the heart of this post. 

She is walking!!!!!

Georgia Grace took her first steps Sunday afternoon. I told Marcus I thought she was ready so we got out the camera, camcorder, and iPhones. This video isn't her first steps (we did get those on the camcorder), this is about the fourth time she took steps.

 The video of her first steps is hysterical because I'm screaming and I ask Marcus, "Does that count?" HA!

I am so proud of her. And she was so proud of herself after she did it. She probably walked 3 steps about 10 times yesterday. I knew once she gained the confidence to take that first step she would be unstoppable.

 Like any giddy excited mommy I took to social media to show off my baby's new trick. Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments!

My dad does not own a cell phone (and never will if he can get by without) and so obviously does not use social media so I emailed him the video and this was his response:

"We knew that was coming. She has such great balance. Should make a great shortstop or second base. Looks like a point guard too."

He really deserved a son or now at this point a grandson HA!

Just a quick weekend recap for documentation sake. Friday night our little family of three went out for dinner and some shopping. Georgia Grace had her first bite of hamburger and french fries. We all need a splurge every once in a while :) Of course she loved it. We had a good night eating and just going to a few stores. We didn't have a long list of things we needed so it was enjoyable.

Saturday was a lazy rainy day. We had considered heading to the pumpkin patch but changed our mind due to the weather. That is on the agenda for this week since daddy is home on fall break!

Instead I did a lot of preparation for the big first birthday bash. Just three weeks away!  I can hardly believe it. I made her party invitations and I really like they way they turned out. My goal is to get those mailed out this week. The other pictures are party "pinspiration". How did you plan a party before Pinterest?!? I don't know either.

I went crafty and made a neat decoration with all of her monthly pictures. What a trip down memory lane comparing these side by side. It's so funny because you think you will NEVER forget how they looked at a certain age or the outfit they wore for the picture. Wrong! Another reason I'm so happy I have my blog.

Saturday night we went to Gammy and Gran Stan's for an early birthday celebration for Mamaw Carolyn and Uncle Eric. It was the only time we could squeeze it in between the wedding festivities and first birthday party.

Little did we know Saturday night at Gammy and Gran Stan's house that she was practicing for the big event. She walked many a steps making the circle from the living room, dining room, and kitchen.


Uncle Eric turns 23 the day before their wedding. Isn't he handsome? Georgia Grace is smitten if you can't tell.

Sunday was homecoming at our church. Georgia Grace made it the whole 1 1/2 hour service which was a small victory for us! It was a great day. Some of the best singing I've ever heard. I'm thankful for our 106 year old church on the hill.

She took a victory lap Sunday night at Grams with all her babies to celebrate her achievement. I guess she was worn out from all that walking.

It was such an exciting weekend and a great start to fall break week. We aren't going anywhere this week but we have big plans for Christmas break-more to come on that :) Marcus is excited for a care-free week at home with Georgia Grace. And I can't wait to join them Thursday!

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