Friday, October 4, 2013

Five On Friday

Per said warning, my blogging may continue but you will probably just get a lot of pictures with a few words. And sometimes that's the best anyway! We are super busy planning, coordinating, delegating, and researching. But I don't want to neglect my happy place so here are five pictures of Georgia Grace enjoying her days at "AKK Academy".

I call it "AKK Academy" because it is just like a little school. They learn, form friendships, develop structure and thrive. Even though Georgia doesn't really participate, she gets to be with them for a little bit each day and has already learned so much just by observation. I couldn't ask for a better place for GGH to spend her days while we are at work.

Georgia Grace found the dress-up bin last week and chose to be a bumblebee for the day. She does not like anything on her head (besides a bow) so I was shocked to get a picture of her wearing a headpiece. I love her spirit!

We've been seeing a lot of this recently. She is standing more than she is sitting right now, tabletops included. Think she might have a touch of first-born, center of attention syndrome?!

She helped make homemade bread and this was what happened when it was time for the bread to go into the oven to bake. This was post a mini-meltdown because the clean end of the spoon fell into the batter. #drama

She pushed the shopping cart for a while and then decided to ride a while. I love that round face grin!

This was a couple of weeks ago enjoying the last few days of being outdoors barefooted. She was doing a little bird watching on this afternoon.

It's no question that her days at AKK are full of activity and fun. I'm pretty sure she thinks our house is boring ha!

Happy Friday y'all!

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