Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Whole Lotta Awesome

I have big news to share that I have been dying to tell since August...

Our best friends are having a baby!!!

Rachel is 12 weeks along and everything is perfect. They came over to our house very casually one night after we invited them over for supper with this sweet little card. I screamed of course, my excitement level was/is through the roof! 

This was how they announced it (which just happens to be the cutest way ever). And this was my response when she sent it to me via text HA! I threatened to spill the beans several times if she didn't go ahead and tell it already. Baby Ross is already on the AKK waiting list so consider Georgia Grace and Baby Ross best friends for life.

This baby is a testament to God's faithfulness-God is good!!!

First birthday party details are being finalized this week (in between wedding plans) and a big detail is ready to go-the party dress! My friend Jenny of Savvy Stitches made this beautiful custom piece for Georgia Grace based on my Pinterest board and personal preferences (she also made this dress for us). This dress will be perfect to match her party theme. Southern, prissy, and unique to our 1st birthday baby. Thanks Jenny for sharing your creativity with us!

Monday I was informed that I had won tickets to a UK football game!!! I know everyone always says this when they win something but I seriously never win things like this. I could be the only name in the hat and somehow the hat tag would end up getting pulled out or something. Maybe my bad luck with prizes streak is over! Anyway this game is the first weekend in November and we are planning on making it an overnight trip and leaving Georgia Grace with family for the first time. I think I'm ready, I KNOW she's ready. The timing just feels right as the busiest month ever concludes. I have to think these tickets are the reason we needed to take some mommy/daddy time. Thank you Beech Tree News!

AND my brother's girlfriend Sarah has been nominated as a WKU homecoming candidate! Unfortunately WKU homecoming and GGH's birthday party overlap each other, we are bummed about that but we will be there in spirit to support her! Isn't she a doll? I think she is a perfect representative for the university. Good luck Sarah!!

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