Monday, October 14, 2013

Salmons' Showers

In the midst of taking care of a sick baby this weekend I helped give TWO showers for my bride sister this weekend. She is getting married next weekend so we had to squeeze in her bachelorette party and church shower Saturday and Sunday. I told you October was going to be FULL!

Saturday night we kicked off the festivities with her bachelorette party at my mom's house at the Hidden Valley Golf Resort :). A lot of the girls were from out-of-town so it was so nice of them to make the trip. Isn't she the most beautiful bride-to-be? She has that natural glow of happiness!

She seriously has the sweetest most devoted friends. One of them took a midnight shift so they could come. One of them drove up from Nashville (and got caught in stand still I-65 traffic). I love how they love her.

One of her best friends Sophie made these bra and pantie cookies for the party and they were so adorable! She is so creative. I love her!
She was well gifted in the lingerie department. She even received a few lessons on what certain pieces were and how they worked ;)
The apron that our cousin Lynn made and I personalized for her. She's excited to do some cooking! I hope she keeps that excitement ha.

And the most beautiful moment of the night. After the toilet paper wedding dress game, eating thong cookies and opening fun bachelorette gifts, her friends asked if they could pray over her. Of course! I remember 3 1/2 years ago when I had my bachelorette party someone made the comment "Will it be a bachelorette party or a bible study?". The best compliment (although it wasn't meant to be one) I could receive :). If people see Jesus in us then we must be doing something right.

Sunday we had a shower for Paige and Eric at our church in Morgantown. Her showers in Bowling Green and Corbin (Eric's hometown) will be after the wedding so I'm glad we were able to have her hometown shower this weekend.

I love them so much. They are the perfect pair no doubt.

The official hashtag for the Salmons wedding is #lovesalmons (hint: "love salmons" instead of "love birds")

The sweet groom and bride

Georgia Grace tried to steal the show by showing off her new walking skills with her squeaker shoes. She also enjoyed the shower food if you can't tell ha! I'm so glad she was feeling good so that we could bring her. A big thanks to Grandma Harrison and Grandmomma for helping with her during the shower!

They were so excited about every gift. When they would open something she would say, "Now we can have one guest over" or "Now I can make cupcakes" Ha!

This quilt was made by our Great-Grandmother McCoy and has been stored in a chest at my Mamaw Carolyn's house just waiting for this special occasion. I received mine at my wedding shower and our brother Cody's is in storage waiting for his special day (which may be in the near future-yay!!). The quilt is gorgeous and so intricately made. We had some talented women in our family.

My Mamaw Novis restored these cast iron skillets that were our great-grandparents for Paige. They had grease about an inch thick in each and mamaw spent many hours getting these to their current condition. Such a wonderful, thoughtful labor of love!
She was more in the playing mood than the picture taking mood ha!

Such a special day for my sis. She received so many gifts ranging from the awesomely practical to the amazingly personalized and creative. She has a great start to filling their new home.
And last but not least a big happy 1st wedding anniversary (Sunday) to Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna! They are celebrating at Disney World this week. I seriously can't think of a better place to be for your anniversary!! Wishing them safe travels and a wonderful vacation!


  1. What sweet showers!
    Your sister's wedding is going to be beautiful I'm sure!

    I LOVE your blog by the way - y'all are adorable!

    Lauren @ Peach State of Mind

    1. Thanks Lauren! <3
      I hope so, we have had very little time to plan but I think everything will come out great in the end!
      Thanks for reading! :)