Friday, May 16, 2014

Five On Friday-House Pinspiration

Since finding out that our house had officially sold, we have been in full-blown building mode. We are so very excited and slightly overwhelmed by it all to be honest. And maybe a little green. For example I realized yesterday that I had never spelled out the word backhoe so my dear husband received a text with the word "bacco" :)

I'm learning y'all.

And I'm learning through lots of ooing and ahhing on Pinterest and Houzz what I want on my wish list.

You can follow my Pinterest boards here and Houzz ideabooks here. 

Here are five ideas for Five On Friday that I am swooning over that will definitely find a spot on my wish list.

I never knew a simple staircase could be so beautiful. I am in love with the molding and wooden stairs. So clean and cleanable.

Our stairs will probably be broken up with a small landing halfway due to our ceiling heights and layout of our upstairs and will look something like this. I have noticed a common denominator in all my stair pins-white molding and wood steps.

For some reason no one in my household likes to shut closet doors, myself included. I don't know if this is true for all families but you will find our closet doors open more often than closed. I love this idea of having a visible kid's closet that you can decorate and paint for a pop of color. It would also give you a good reason to keep it organized. But inevitably it won't always be clean so I also like the idea of no closet doors and putting up curtains instead so you can hide a mess if needed.

In our plan there wasn't an area for a desk or as I have called it causing my husband to cringe a "command center" ha! When I saw this picture on Erin's blog it looked like the perfect solution for me. I don't need a big area if I can maximize space with lots of drawers and cabinets. This will make bill paying and mail sorting a little more enjoyable.

I took a poll on Facebook last night on side-by-side or a stacked washer and dryer. I really love this laundry room and the idea of stacking units to maximize space in order to have room for a sink. The laundry room was originally upstairs in our plan but I think downstairs is best for our family so I had to make room for it with a little bit of space. Stacked just makes sense to me as long as they're functional (not too much bending over or reaching high, etc.) 

 If I could capture the style we want for our house in a picture this would be it. I love the texture the wicker chairs add and the haint blue ceiling to match our southern style house plan. The only problem is I don't think I would ever want to leave this porch. Or maybe that's not a problem at all :)

Did I mention how fun this is? Because it's sooo much fun!

Happy Friday all! College graduations and Sesame Street Live are on the agenda for us this weekend. It's going to be a good one!


  1. Oh I love all of these! I can't imagine trying to build a house with my decision making issues. I would never be able to decide on anything. I can't wait to follow the new Harrison Homeplace journey!!

    1. I will be brutal at times I'm sure but worth it in the end. I will probably have to ban myself from Pinterest at the home stretch ha! Thank you, we are so pumped!