Friday, May 23, 2014


Yesterday we celebrated our anniversary by taking Georgia Grace to the zoo for the first time. Rarely do we ever get to do anything together as a family through the week so it was a treat.

Louisville Zoo-May 22nd, 2014

It has been several years since I have been to the Louisville Zoo so we just kind of made the big loop on our own time and schedule. The elephants were impressive so I had to snap a picture.

Georgia and her elephant friends. She would do her arm like the elephant's nose. She's such an observant child.

And then there was the 56 year old gorilla. She was born in 1958! She was so sweet, just sat and laid in the corner by herself.

Taking a peak at her. She was literally right by the window camping out.

Georgia Grace was really fond of her. The gorillas and giraffes were her favorites.

The polar bear exhibit was the most impressive of all. It's unbelievable to me that we have a polar bear living here in the south! And it was a hot day in May so he would sit on the rock a while but spent most of his time in the cold water. Or bath as Georgia Grace called it :)

 He had just dove off the rock which resulted in an eruption from the crowd and then he swam over to the bench we were sitting on and started sniffing through the glass. It was the neatest!

Mommy, GGH and a camel :) I was proud of the way she would stroll a while and then would walk and let us pack her. She was pretty much content with whatever we wanted her to do. We did have a few runaway attempts but she didn't get far. As long as she could see the animals she was in good shape.

She was the sweetest baby at the zoo. She would say hi and bye to every animal we visited! And she loved watching the bigger kids that were looking at the animals around her. By the end of the day her curls were sweaty and sticking to her face but the heat never phased her. I love how easy she is to go places with! I hope this holds true for our beach trip in a few weeks.

We got home late afternoon and I made a mexican casserole while Marcus gave baby girl a bath. It was an early bedtime for those two while Mommy finished things up around the house. Thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes! I cannot believe we are starting year #5. It just keeps getting better.


  1. Y'all are just the cutest! You weren't too far from us! I've only done the Cincinnati Zoo, we'll have to check out Louisville!

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    2. Thanks Jena! :) I've heard Cincinnati is great, we stuck with the shorter drive. I researched Louisville and Nashville (we're closer to Nashville) and everything I read put L above N. We had a great time!