Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation & Sesame Street Live

Where did the weekend go? Seriously. Before I knew it I was back getting things ready for the upcoming week at 8 o'clock on Sunday night. May always seems to go in morph speed with all the celebrations and activities that fill the month. This weekend of was full of all of those things! 

Saturday we went to the WKU graduation to watch my brother-in-law Eric and my brother's girlfriend Sarah walk the line. There are three or four WKU graduation ceremonies each semester but they luckily both happened to graduate at the same time! I wouldn't have minded to sit through two but I'll be honest and say I'm glad it was just one :)

Paige and Eric had their families over before graduation to celebrate Eric and his twin sister Ariel who also graduated Saturday at the same time! Eric and Ariel were able to sit by each other and walk the line together. I'm sure their momma's heart was about to explode.

These two met at WKU so it will always be a special place for them no matter where they end up in life. Paige was so excited to stand as a spouse of the graduate :) I thought she looked very wife-like in her adorable polka dot dress! Congrats Uncle Eric!

These two also met at WKU. We owe Big Red a lot of thanks for all the relationships he has been involved with! Cody was able to be in this weekend for Sarah's graduation which was great and this week he is packing up his apartment in Wichita to move to Orlando for a new job! We are so excited for him. Orlando sounds much better than Salt Lake City which was the original plan. And Sarah moved to Nashville yesterday for the summer and then will be headed to Louisville in the fall for grad school at UL. We are so proud of both of them!

I have to give a big shoutout to my baby girl. This is her THIRD college graduation since she has been born. Third! It's obvious I am the oldest sibling ha! She has taken them all in stride and has been the best thing at all three. When we walked into the arena she said "Go ball" ha! We've even mapped out Diddle Arena to find the aisle with the most leg space for her to roam...we are seasoned WKU graduation attendees.
Sunday Sesame Street Live came to SKyPAC and we took Georgia Grace to her first show. It was really cute and fun. She had a big time and her favorite of course was Elmo. The first segment she was attentive the whole time but after intermission she decided climbing in the seat and making friends with everyone sitting around us was more fun.

Lots of pointing, squealing and grinning!

The Sesame Street Live papparazzi caught us :) It was a fun girls day out. Mom had told me about the show so I was really glad she got to join us. She made it extra special!

And finally, there is something I am really excited about...

I danced at The Dance Academy for six years and some of my most vivid childhood memories are practicing at Moira's studio and performing our routines at the auditorium. And now my Georgia Grace gets to be a dancer too! What's so bizarre is about a month ago I started brainstorming ways and connections to get dance offered in our community. The timing couldn't have been more perfect! This is a wonderful asset to our little town.

Bring on the leotards and hair buns!


  1. Congrats to all the graduates! It looks like y'all had a fabulous time at Sesame Street live! We are taking Kennedy to see Disney Junior live in the fall and I think I will be just as excited as she is! I wish we had a dance studio around here that had a class for toddlers! All of the studios around here don't offer classes until they are 2 or 3. Can't wait to see the pictures! Oh the cuteness!

    1. Oh that sounds fabulous too! I need to keep that in mind for future shows. Yes I'm pumped about it! I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.

  2. Sesame Street live looks so fun and you look fabulous!! Yay for dance, BK has LOVED it this year!

    1. Thanks so much! And I can't wait to have adorable dance pictures just like BK's! :)