Friday, May 9, 2014

Sunny Days

TGIF friends!

We are savoring the last few weeks in our home. We are also trying to do a gradual move by moving things a little bit at a time so it's not so cumbersome when we do actually leave. To be honest we don't have much stuff compared to most moving families, the size of our house prevented us from overbuying ha! That is a beautiful thing now :) 

This girl has played her little heart out this week. She has endless energy and loves to be outside. This is the picture I received Wednesday while she was staying with her great-grandmother (Mamaw Carolyn). Such the southern belle!

Wednesday night we headed to Rolling Oaks farm for supper. They have cows so you can guess where we ended up. She is actually "mooing" in the picture ha! I think she's cut out to be a farm hand.
Thursday morning was my time to do my weekly errands which included taking O-dog to get his yearly shots. He was so friendly and they said he never acted like he felt the shot. I will say veterinarian visits are much easier than pediatrician visits these days!!

Thursday afternoon we went to Gammy and Gran Stan's pool for the first swim of the season! She was really excited and brave when we first got there but wasn't crazy about leaving the pool steps just yet. Fine by me.

I think she had more fun running around in her bathing suit and playing with the pink ball anyway :) Mom set up her kiddie pool and she played in it a while but stood up the whole time. Just like she does in the tub. I think we are going to get her a water table since she obviously enjoys doing water activities standing.

Happy early Mother's Day to all the moms out there! We should be celebrated everyday but it's nice having a special day devoted just to us :)


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  2. She is just so precious, I could just eat her up! Congrats on the new house building adventure, I am sure it will be beautiful!

    1. Thanks Ash!! And yes we are really excited. This is probably our forever home so I hope to make it specific to us through the design!