Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby On Board

First, thanks so much for all the words of love about our most exciting news! All the calls, texts, messages, comments and conversations about the new baby has made us even more excited to welcome a new member to our family. Y'all are the best!

I am on week 11 so I am already almost out of my first trimester-yay! I can't complain though because I've had it easy. Besides being very tired and a few small bouts of nausea I have felt good. However I can already feel and see my body changing and preparing the way to grow a baby. And if you're wondering if you show sooner the second time around the answer is YES. I felt like I had a bump the moment of conception. 
Hello sweet baby :)
Big sister loves the baby but doesn't really want to talk about it yet. They let her announce her big news at preschool the other day and she was not real excited about sharing the news ha! I'm hoping as my belly grows she will be more excited. Right now she's just got her finger up her nose about it :)
In other baby news, it's been a tough week for our Georgia Grace. Monday night she started running a fever and acting lethargic after our church revival. I took her to the doctor Tuesday morning and she has strep :( I was shocked! She hasn't been sick since January and wasn't acting sick at all so I was super sad for the diagnosis. I stayed home with her the rest of the week while Daddy went on to revivial. She did much better at the doctor's office this time. One of my best friends Ashley was able to see her and I think that helped seeing someone she knew. Plus she got a sucker and valued it this time :) 
Speaking of Ashley, last weekend we went with her and James to our good friend Landon's wedding. He got married at Lost River Cave and it was just beautiful! This was my first time in the cave and I want to go back this fall and take Georgia Grace. Congratulations Landon and Andrea!!

We are so glad it's Friday. We are going to our high school football homecoming game tonight and this weekend we are going to try to squeeze in three birthday parties and a wedding. Wish us luck!

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