Friday, September 5, 2014


Summer is officially behind us so I thought I would do a recap of this super fun season. I created a summer bucket list back in May and it was helpful in making sure our days were full of fun and sun! We didn't get to everything but I was happy with the memories we did make. Here is what our summer looked like-
1. Summer beach trip
We took a trip to the Gulf Coast the first week of June just like we did last year. The school year ran late this year due to our brutal winter so we were nervous it would interfere with our trip but it didn't. We always have the best weeks when we are at the beach with our Georgia peach. The beach is our happy place.

2. Attend an outdoor concert
It wasn't outdoor but it was at the Grand Ole Opry which was even better. We saw Terri Clark, Sam Hunt, Craig Morgan, Trace Adkins and CARRIE! What a blast.
3. Teach Georgia Grace how to catch fireflies
Check- this was fun too. Before it got super hot in August we stayed outside until dusk a lot of nights.
4. Go on a date night to the drive-in
This one didn't happen and I was excited for it :( I called two different times for their showings and neither time did the movies sound appealing so we never went. We will try again next year!
However, we did go to an outdoor showing of Frozen! It was so much fun and an activity we could all enjoy. We will definitely do this again next year.

5. Spend a few weekends at the lake
We halfway did this one. We went to the lake once for Father's Day Weekend and had a great time. The rest of our summer weekends got away from us so only one trip this year. We will try for more next year!
6. Make and eat popsicles
Yes and yes! We ate homemade, store bought-we weren't picky.
7. Take Georgia to the splash park
Did this but didn't have the best time. I think next year when she's older she will enjoy it.
8. Go to a farmer's market
Marcus and his family took Georgia Grace to Jackson's Orchard at the beginning of the summer for a fun day trip. They have a petting zoo and slides so it was fun for everyone!
9. Attend our county fair
Our county fair falls during the 4th of July holiday every year so we went a few nights for some square-dancing, socializing and funnel cakes!
10. Learn how to can from my Mamaw
Postponing this one for next year. The days got away from us and by the time Mamaw was ready to can I had just started my new job.
11. Take a day trip to a place we have never traveled
We spent the last weekend of the summer in Memphis which is a city neither of us have traveled to. It was a short trip but jam packed with fun. Staying at The Peabody, exploring Beale Street and going to Graceland were some of the highlights!
12. Try a new recipe
I will be honest and say I didn't try a lot of new recipes this year. It was a Summer of transition as we sold our house and moved in with my Dad. I did try a spicy crockpot queso dip the other day and it was delicious! I will have my own kitchen soon so I will make up for lost time then :)
13. Have a TV sitcom/movie marathon night
We had a busy Summer so I don't think we ever spent a full night watching TV ( we will make up for that this Fall I'm sure) but our favorite show to watch this Summer was Modern Family. I know it has been on for several seasons now but we just got into it and laugh ourselves silly.
14. Read four books
I was only able to read one book this Summer. Between the move and my new job my spare time couldn't be spent reading and that's ok. I know there will be a season for that.
I did read Surprised By Motherhood by Lisa Jo Baker and loved it. I'm glad I found time for this one.
15. Make homemade ice-cream
We did this a lot! This is one of our favorite summer traditions.
16. Walk to the sno-cone stand one night after supper
Before we moved we made it a point to do this because we will no longer have the luxury of walking to the sno shack stand.
17. Go to the pool- a lot!
We knocked this one out of the park :) Mom's pool was our Saturday hangout most weekends. Georgia Grace became more and more comfortable with the water each time we swam. We will miss swimming!

18. Watch fireworks
We watched fireworks on three different occasions. GGH didn't mind them one bit.
19. Go on a family picnic
One of my Thursdays I was home we took a little family picnic. Our Summer was mild so it was enjoyable to be outside in the middle of the day in July!
20. Go to a baseball game
Didn't get to this one. We aren't big baseball people so it wasn't high on our priority list but I do want to expose her to America's pasttime. Next year! I doubt she (or myself) would have sit through a whole game anyway.
21. Take Georgia to our church VBS
She went one day with my Mamaw and I hope next year she can go a few days. She will be in a regular class before we know it!

22. Chase Georgia with a water hose in the yard
This was how we beat the August heat! She had a ball.
23. Stay in our pj's all day
This didn't happen much either but I do recall one rainy Saturday I don't think we ever went anywhere or put on "real clothes"
24. Eat fruit right from the vine and make a pie with the rest
Georgia Grace did this a lot with her Pa picking grapes from their vine. She was sad when they were gone. No baking but I don't think grapes would be good baked :)
25. Break ground on our new house!
This hasn't happened but I'll give an update soon :)

We had a great summer checking things off our summer bucket list!

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