Friday, September 26, 2014

Strike A Pose

That midweek post I mentioned? Here it is on Friday :) We've had a busy week with lots of activities and appointments. Marcus has been out of town and working on projects so most nights we haven't all been home together until 9-10. That should be over for a while, I'm so ready for a routine!
This girl has had a wonderful week! I feel like she's grown up this week from her actions and words. A little boy at preschool was asking all of them how old they were and when he got to Georgia Grace she said, "I one".  I go eat lunch with her some days and one day I went she told the other kids while squeezing my neck, "This is my mommy". My heart was melted.
She also modeled for her cousin's personlization business this week! Payton made her this adorable mini monogram crewneck sweatshirt so we wore it this week to kick off the start of fall. She wore it to preschool proudly! You can find her business here: Personalization by Payton. Thanks Payt!!
Our weather has been wonderful this week. Cool in the morning and evenings making layers a good choice. We play outside until supper to try to savor these days.
Everyday at AKK they have show and tell so we decided to collect acorns for all her friends. She told them all the next day they were "acorns" and she found them on "Poppa's road" :) She shared them and did such a good job they said describing her show and tell.
Yesterday she sported a new accessory-boots! These were my mom's boots that my Mamaw bought in 1965 in Lubbock, Texas. They are still in great shape! She wore them proudly and my Mom and Mamaw just loved it.
Happy weekend friends!

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