Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This tired pregnant lady is living for her weekends. I can't wait for the second trimester burst of energy, I so need it. But I know my body is growing a baby so I'll endure whatever I need to with a grateful heart.
When you're pregnant and you want to bake a cake at 9:30pm on a Friday night you just do it and nobody asked any questions :) I have had some intense cravings this time around. I don't remember any real cravings with Georgia Grace. Hmm...
We had a lazy Saturday morning at home snuggling, playing and watching football. It was cold that morning but warmed up by the afternoon so we went outside and played. I thought the fresh air would be good for GGH coming off of her virus and I think it did the trick!
Saturday night I attended the wedding of one of my dear friends Jodi. We go all the way back to middle school and she's one of the sweetest people I know. She got married on her family farm in Provo and the wedding was perfectly her! Congratulations Jodi & Blake!
Saturday was also our buddy Abbott's 2nd birthday so Marcus took Georgia Grace to the party while I attended the wedding. I don't have any pictures of her with the birthday boy but I did get this one from Aunt Rachel of Roger, Ro-Ro, GGH and Uncle Nate. She hung with Uncle Nate for a long time.

Abbott recently got a new playset area and Georgia Grace really liked one of his toy tractors. I can't believe all of these babies are turning two. I am in denial and refusing to start planning our 2nd birthday bash.

Sunday morning it felt like Fall so I broke out my favorite season of clothes for the occasion! Gammy got her this dress and I think it's just darling. I love her in orange! Well all colors for that matter :) She was a happy girl to be headed to church to play in the nursery with her baby friends and Mrs. Joann.
I bought her a pair of leopard Mary Janes for this Fall that I am using as a neutral. She likes them because they are velcro and she can put them on and off herself. Such the big girl these days!

We didn't escape Sunday without a few tears though. She was running outside and stepped on the foot of a rocking chair and it came back and popped her in the eye. It's just a small cut with a small black eye. It had us nervous though!

And I can't write a weekend post without documenting our medicine shenanigans. She has to take a low dose antibiotic for her strep and if you recall from past illnesses she hates taking medicine. It's usually the most dramatic experience ever. And this time started out no different. No vomiting or gagging but plenty of tears to make up for that. We started motivating her by saying we would video her taking it like a big girl and send it to family/friends/whoever. When she took her medicine at AKK she would do it in front of her friends and they would all clap and cheer for her! Now she takes medicine no problem as long as there is plenty of praise and recognition :) Little miss center of attention always.
 I hope your weekend was great too! It would have been better if UK would have pulled out the win over Fl in three overtimes (!!) but oh well. I'm still happy with their progress and it's going to be an exciting year.

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  1. Love that orange dress! Absolutely adorable! We do something similar when Kennedy takes medicine. We tell her she has to show her babies how to take medicine. She lines up all her baby dolls to watch her!