Monday, September 22, 2014


Happy Fall Y'all!
It's unbelievable to me we are almost at the end of September. The next 3-4 months are going to be full and filled with wonderful things so I hope time will slow down a little bit and allow us to enjoy every moment.
The past week or so I have been doing a lot of prepping for some of those upcoming events to prevent me from being overwhelmed at the time. Here's what our life has looked like for the past week or so- 
Since I started my new job in August, I have had to travel a lot. It's not been real big trips but quite a few short overnight trips. This past week I was in Louisville for a conference that let out early so I indulged in a decaf PSL and some Target. One hundred dollars later I was on my way home with a happy heart :) My travels have slowed down now which I am thankful for but Marcus will be out of town this week for work. Hopefully we will be on the same schedule soon!  
Celebrating Ashley
This weekend was Ashley's Bachelorette Party and personal shower. Saturday we went to Nashville to celebrate at Cabanas and The Big Bang.
Ash was one of my very first friends and has been by my side ever since. She's Aunt Ashley to my Georgia Grace and her mom is Aunt Rhonda :) They are like sisters to my mom and me. I wasn't going to miss this trip for anything even if I was a low energy, frumpy, pregnant party pooper ;) 
This girl celebrated for me and her both though ;) More pictures to come, these were just a few I snapped with my phone. What a fun weekend!!
Second Birthday
Georgia Grace's birthday party is just five weeks away and I have finally began planning for it. So much different from last year. I hesitated to plan until we had a location and now we do-more on that soon :) I think this year we are going with a fall festival theme. We will be at the beach for Halloween so I thought this would be a way she can celebrate the holiday a little early with her friends. Late October is a tricky time because you may have a perfect day or it may turn off to 30 below. Either way with our location we will be fine but I'm hoping for 65 and sunshine!
I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or that we are a month away from having a two year old but I can't stop looking at her baby pictures. And then I will compare them to now and think when did this happen?!? We thought she had a lot of hair in her candy corn jammie picture ha! She has always rocked a mean mane ;) Oh and a funny about candy corn. We were over at James and Ashley's a few weeks ago and Ashley gave GGH some candy corn (which we thought she was eating her weight in but they found a few days later she was stuffing them between the couch cushions ha!) and this week we bought a bag and she asked for some "Ashwee candy" :) She has a crazy awesome memory!
Hope everyone has a great first week of fall! I hope to be back with a midweek update since my schedule is more normal. And I'm really hoping for renewed energy this week as I enter my second trimester! Go baby #2 go.


  1. Happy second trimester! That little lady of yours is just so adorable:) if you ever road trip to Lex shoot me a message and we can hit Target together haha

    1. Thanks friend!! And I will definitely do that, I'll probably be in Lex some for conferences so I will hit you up ;)