Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snowed In

We are currently snowed in under 10 inches of snow! The weathermen started calling for mass accumulations on Friday but you hate to get your hopes up and low and behold they were right. We ran out at 7:30 Sunday night to stock up on groceries (there was a bare shelf in the bread aisle!) and are prepared to stay put for a little while.
Before the "snow my goodness", we celebrated Valentine's Day. Last week was a sick week for Georgia Grace but she was ready to go by Friday which was perfect because that was the AKK Valentine's Party!

Thursday night Marcus and I did a little Valentine's shopping and errand running. I decided to give a few rockers a test run since we haven't made a decision yet for Jack's nursery. This one is a contender. I just love the look of an upholstered rocker. And HELLO baby Jack!
After a week in pajamas we broke out a pretty dress for the party occasion :) She was very out of routine by Friday morning so getting up and going took some time but she fell into routine fairly quickly.
She had the honor of holding the flag Friday morning.
And then it was party time! I think she had a big time because on Saturday she said, "Let's go to a party" HA! Three sweet girls-Eliza, GGH and Chloe.
And y'all she already has a Valentine. They exchanged gifts with each other and Thomas even handed out Frozen cards because he knew that was Georgia Grace's favorite :)
Her preschool class. She is still the baby of the group although she acts as big as the rest of them!
Saturday was Valentine's Day and when she woke up we gave her her gift from us-a drawing pad, fat crayons, a baby doll dress and applesauce. A total dietitian mom move but she loves applesauce so it was appreciated.
We spent the day at home and decided to go out for dinner. Marcus and I don't exchange gifts with each other or make a big fuss over the holiday but it was nice to have a little date night. Our original plan was a date night with just the two of us but we decided that our days with GGH as an only child are limited so she came along too! Daddy celebrated with both his Valentines.
And I think I've been replaced :)
And then snowstorm Octavia came and has shut Kentucky down for the most part. Universities and businesses that never close are closed. We already know there won't be school until at least Thursday and with the highs only in the 20's for the rest of the week I predict a full snow week.
Since it was one of those every twenty years kind of snows we knew we better get out and enjoy it. Mind you enjoying it with a two year old is about a 10 minute adventure it was still fun.
She liked it for the most part. However, naptime was near so we wasn't upset to go in either.
But right before we did this happened! Our back patio has a steel gazebo and the weight of the snow caused it to crash. Thankfully we weren't standing under it and the playhouse and Big Green Egg were spared. However, the gazebo is a total loss.
It was a very lazy day of eating, watching movies, working from home (for me, my big nutrition review is in two weeks!), eating, playing, and eating some more. I made some snow cream as a bedtime snack and it was as good as I remembered it.
It looks like another lazy day tomorrow. I'm going to try to tackle some of my "Before Jack Arrives" to-do list and relish in the fact that I have no where to be. Snow days when you are eight months pregnant are a beautiful thing.

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  1. Your family is so very precious and you look stunning cute mama!