Monday, February 2, 2015


Happy Monday! We thought we might possibly get a snow day today since it was in the forecast but no such luck. Snow after Super Bowl Sunday (like last year) would have been epic!
Sweet girl continues to impress us with her increased appetite. She received a clean plate stamp on Thursday for eating all of her tomato soup, grilled cheese, banana and milk. When they asked her to show them her stamp for a picture this is what they got ha! We're serious about our eating.
Just a little mohawk action during bathtime. I expect it to topple over any bath now!
Saturday was a day of play and rest. Daddy hunted, GGH and I slept in (8:15) and spent the day at home. It was a rainy, yucky day that was only good for nesting at home. I watched more TV this weekend than I have since we moved. I think my body just needed to be still. We entertained two nights this week and I made and delivered a meal to a sweet family that is dear to us so I think my body was just wore down.
 I caught a commercial for the Masters and it made me so excited because that is the week of my birthday and Jack's due date! It was a sweet reminder that spring and a new life are on the way.
As resting and peaceful as the day was it came with some hard parenting. Nothing major, just your typical two year old behavior. Going down for a nap like she normally does was a disaster so I decided we both needed to rock. I rocked her the whole hour and a half she slept. I needed that time and I think she did too. It made everything else much better.

Saturday night we got ready and headed to my Mom's for supper and to watch the Kentucky game. As I mentioned she gave me a run for my money all day long but then she will smile like this and she goes back to getting what she wants and my disciplining goes out the window :) Not really, but kind of.
Sunday was church, more resting at home and then the Super Bowl party at James and Ashley's.
She could care less about the game and had her own little party. We all took turns playing with her so she would be entertained as well. Our friend Lola had her wrapped up like a baby in this picture :)
What an unbelievable game! Since I didn't have a dog in the fight I just came for the food and socializing and hung out on the steps in between the game downstairs and the Disney channel upstairs. It was a fun night as always!

February is here which means we are just two months away from meeting our Jack. It will be a busy two months for sure. We can't wait to add a little boy to the mix!

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