Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Much Fun

We are still covered in about a foot of snow with more snow/sleet/ice/rain predicted for the weekend. Oh me oh my! I haven't drove a vehicle in over a week and Marcus is borrowing his sister's jeep since we don't have a 4WD. We've made it just fine and I'm really appreciating a warm home, a pantry full of groceries and technology to keep us sane :)

I've enjoyed the week with my snow baby. I think snow days are gifts to eight month pregnant mommies and their first born. We've played in the snow, played with toys, watched Peppa Pig and ate lots of yummy food. I'm thankful for the excuse to do the last one guilt free :)

I had a little helper this week. She was interested in everything I did-laundry, makeup, jet bubble bath, cooking. One day I decided to take advantage of our time at home and start laundering Jack's clothes in Dreft. She helped me hang them to dry and loved playing a part in getting his things ready. She's also turned into my pick up partner as that isn't coming easy these days!

I usually stay home when school is out but I have a huge state audit for my school nutrition program next week so I went in to the office to prepare for it.

I took baby girl with me one day for a few hours. My coworkers were so sweet to help keep her entertained and make her feel special. She colored, ate everyone's desk snacks and sang "Wheels On The Bus" to our Director of Transportation :) 

And just to show you what a monumental snow this is-Marcus's RX300 buried in 10 inches of snow.

We live in a rural area but this is the secondary road we live off of that's pretty highly traveled. I feel like we're living in an episode of Northern Exposure!

The snow is beautiful and has been fun but has caused some major headaches at the end of the week. Our downstairs heating/cooling unit went out Wednesday but we were able to stay put by using our upstairs unit and gas fireplace. Granddad and Marcus fixed it on Thursday and we thought we were good to go until our carbon monoxide alarm went off Thursday night. We didn't want to take any chances so we're staying with his grandparents until we can get the house aired out. It's a major pain but I'm thankful we are safe and have somewhere to go.

And I'll leave you with a Georgia funny from this week:
I let her play in my makeup Tuesday night and Wednesday morning she was wanting to play in it again. I told her no and she said why, I replied "because it makes a mess". She said very distraught, 
"It doesn't make a mess, it makes me happy" HA! I guess that's all that really matters :)

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