Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello March

Well, February was short and quick and now it's March with the hope of spring arriving soon. We won't even talk about the winter storm brewing for Wednesday. Maybe if we don't mention it it won't happen :)
This past week was my big school nutrition review. It's a huge deal and a really huge deal when you have only been in the position for six months. However, it went better than I ever expected it would and I have a huge weight lifted from my shoulders! I was so proud of my staff. Just a fun fact-we still make homemade (whole grain of course) rolls and the state auditors said they can count on one hand how many school systems still do that! They were very impressed, especially when it weighed exactly 2.0 oz :) Overall, it was a great experience and I'm very happy with the outcome.
I hope to do a bump update this week but this was me at 33 weeks plus winter storm Octavia behind me. A lot had already melted off by then. And Jack is definitely growing. Some think my belly is longer this time around. I do know that he is laying right on my bladder and I'm spending half the day in the bathroom ha!
We've only had school two days in the last two weeks due to snow but this bus still made the route :) Once the snow melted from the roads we got out and did some shopping which meant riding the rides at the mall. She was loving it as you can tell!
We also went shopping for new books. A discount bookstore was offering a free book to everyone just for coming to their store so we took advantage. She picked out "Strawberry Shortcake At The Beach" and then asked to go to the beach. Mommy is in!
On Saturday she got ready for a birthday party for our friend Morgan. She was really looking forward to it. When she woke up she said, "Today is Morgan's party day and I get to eat ice cream and bounce!"
My mother-in-law and sister-in-law took her to the party so I could stay home to rest and before they got there we read some of the new books we bought. She LOVES to "read". She can recite some of her favorites that we read daily and gets excited when we bring new books home. The book she's reading in the picture is about becoming a big sister/brother. She's taking her new job seriously.
Looking for Ma and Aunt Shanna out her bedroom window (she wore pants but they hadn't made it on her yet).
She had so much fun at the party! Morgan and the other girls were very protective of her in the bouncy house I heard, I think they felt like she was their little sister.

And this has me all kinds of excited! I love Lilly but never buy it for myself unless it's discounted or from my favorite consignment store but I read everything will be under $150 so maybe I will add a few pieces to my collection. I have an April birthday so perfect timing!
And y'all, this happened this weekend. It amazes me how something so small as setting up the changing table can impact you but it sure made me stop and go wow, it's almost time! We made a lot of progress on his nursery this weekend and I promise to post pictures of each room soon! My goal is to do 2-3 before Jack gets here because we all know what will take precedence after that :)
Happy March!

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