Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week in Review

It's time for a little blog catch-up. We had a fun week celebrating St. Patrick's Day and welcoming spring. Even though I'm near the end of my pregnancy, these days continue to pass quickly and we're trying to soak them up the best we can.
I snapped this picture at Grandmomma's house one day while I was there visiting at lunch. She's still the baby of the group with the littlest shoes but she won't always be. Some days I wish time would slow down a bit. Just call me the sentimental, hormonal mom :)
St. Patrick's Day 2015
Her AKK preschool group. Their St. Patrick's Day party is one of the most anticipated days of the year. A leprechaun always visits and makes a big mess and leaves them treats. GGH was unsure about the idea of a leprechaun at first but she was reassured he wasn't scary and was just having fun.
He turned their school room upside down!
Her reaction-priceless!
Daddy was working on house projects and I didn't have energy to cook so my Mom took us to Garcia's for supper. I'm thankful for our family that has helped us out in various ways here lately. It's been a HUGE blessing! She made friends with the party next to us who just so happened to be celebrating a birthday so of course she had to wear the sombrero too.
And y'all this tells the tale. Both pictures were taken on almost the exact same day of each pregnancy (about 36.5 weeks). Georgia is on the left, Jack is on the right, and Owen is in both ha! This pregnancy has been so different obviously. I'm large and in charge but happy for him to stay in and grow as long as he needs to. Grow baby grow! But if you would move off my bladder a bit I wouldn't mind.
I'll do a separate post for this event but Daddy and Georgia went on their first date this weekend. I've never seen her so excited!
The Cats have made it to the sweet sixteen, Easter is in two weeks and Jack is due the week after. My excitement for the days ahead is over the top!

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  1. You are the cutest pregnant woman ever!! And the daddy daughter date melts me!!