Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finally Friday

This was our first week of routine in a long time due to all the winter weather so I am very glad to see Friday! Getting out of routine is so easy but getting back in is not. We don't have any big weekend plans, just spending time at home and watching college basketball and wishing we were at the SEC tournament with my family! Maybe next year.

Thursday afternoon the temperature was 65 so we took to the outdoors and enjoyed soaking up a little Vitamin D. It was a LONG winter. And since we moved in our house in November we haven't been able to spend any time outside. Georgia had a big time playing on the back patio and then decided she would love on her Mommy and baby Jack a little bit :) She's going to be the best big sister. She wants to play role reversals and be the mommy and me be the baby ALL the time. I hope she is like a second little mommy to our baby boy.

Speaking of baby boy I finally decided on a diaper bag for him. I knew I wanted something smaller than what I had with Georgia Grace and something more versatile that I could use as my purse as well. I've had my eye on this one for a couple months and it turned out to be the one! It's medium size, has insulated pockets and a wipe off exterior but yet looks like a handbag. Plus it was cheap compared to the $200-300 ones I had found. I hope I love it even more when I start using it daily!

I received this from my mother-in-law after I dressed GGH in an Easter romper. The girl can undress quicker than anyone I know and couldn't care less who saw her! I just had to laugh and apologize for sending her to preschool in a complicated outfit for pottying :)

She also came home with this in her bag from preschool. Our obsession with babies and their accessories continues!

Tonight has been a girls night for us! Daddy is hosting a lock-in with his 4th grade class at his school (he is a crazy man but I love him for it!). I'm not the most fun play buddy these days since my big belly gets in the way of playing sometimes but we still had a fun night doing what she wanted to do. We sure did miss Daddy though!

The countdown is officially on. I measured myself tonight and I'm 40" around at my largest part. Marcus doesn't see how my belly can get any bigger than it is. I assured him it can. I'm down to about 4-5 outfits I'm alternating that I can still squeeze in. As long as he's growing and healthy I'm content to keep growing too :)

Happy weekend friends! I'm so glad spring is here and my spring baby will be here before we know it.

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