Monday, March 16, 2015

Mommy Georgia Date

We are a month or so away from welcoming a new baby in our home. I seriously can't believe we are already this close. It's been a busy pregnancy full of moving, buying a house, moving again, remodeling said house, a new job for me and raising a two year old. I'm sure those things are to credit for why it feels like these last nine months have went in morph speed.
As we get closer to my due date, my momma heart has been particularly fixed on our Georgia Grace. I have no doubt she will be a great big sister because she is such a loving, sweet child. I know she will love her baby brother endlessly. But I do know we will be in for a transition period. She was our first child, the first grandchild for both our families and the first great-grandchild on all four sides. She has received a lot of attention in the past two and a half years and I'm sure there will be days that it's hard to relinquish some of it to a baby brother.
 Our goal for the next however many weeks is to make her feel special and get her excited about Jack. Saturday night we went on a Mommy-Georgia date! I told her about the plan before naptime and she's never went down for a nap so easy in her life :)
The weather is feeling very spring-like now so we busted out some color. This is one of my favorite outfits that she has, it's actually second hand from the Stamps' girls!
Our first stop was for dinner and of course she picked and "Chic-a-flay" it was. Dinner at CFA is much less crazy than lunch by the way.
Next, it was to the mall to ride the "forseys" on the big carousel. She got spoiled to them this winter when we were looking for fun stuff for her to do and now it's one of her favorite things.

After we rode the horses we did some grocery shopping. That doesn't sound like a fun date night but she loves it so I snuck it in. Bless her heart she was such a trooper. I am to the point that I have to pee constantly. I drank two big cups of CFA lemonade and we were running to the bathroom every stop but she just tagged along like it was nothing.
We ended the night by shopping for Jack. I let her pick out a gift for him from her and she could pick it out all by herself. We talked about what she was going to get him and she had decided before we went into the store it would be "bath stuff" but when we got to looking around a colorful, musical worm caught her eye and that was the gift. We are going to wrap it together and she will bring it to the hospital to give it to him. He has a little something for her too.
This was one of those nights that I will always remember from my life as a mom to just one child. These days are so precious and fleeting and I want to fill them with happy memories. A Daddy-Georgia date is in the works now, I can only imagine what all they will get into.
My heart is full. I love my Georgia peach so much!

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