Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Glimpse of Georgia and Jack's Childhood

This week/weekend we-
-exhausted ourselves from taking four month pictures. What a face! 

-went to our friend Chandler's pool party. She's never met a pool party she doesn't like. She still swims everyday at preschool (until Labor Day weekend) but she insists we swim on the weekends too. Saturday we went to my mom's and the party both.

-were one of those kids who wanted to help blow out the candles! I saw her start climbing up on the picnic table and before I knew it she was blowing them out herself. Thank goodness Chandler didn't mind :)

-took a group picture for the moms of the sweet little swimmers

-enjoyed a new activity. He still doesn't quite have the hang of it but for a few minutes he loves it! Once he ever does get the hang of it though he will bounce through the ceiling. He has the busiest legs ever for a baby!

-failed at Sunday sibling pictures but this one is too funny not to share. He looks annoyed by his older sister already :) And she's already trying to boss. Also, I expect him to pass her in size any day now. He's a baby giant next to our mini!

-continuing life as the living baby doll. It's a good thing he is a good sport. He sat in the stroller and watched her play for twenty minutes. His little world revolves around his big sister and it makes my heart melt over and over again.

-decided she wanted to climb a tree. So I put her in a pear tree and the bark scratched her butt so that was the end of that. I love her imagination and spirit of trying new things. Love her heart!

I don't know about you but I'm holding on to summer as long as I can this year. Usually by now I'm ready to bring out the pumpkin scented candles and pull out my cable knit and plaids but not this time around. The older I get the more precious time becomes. The sweet, easy days of summer come and go in the blink of an eye. A new season means one less season of Georgia and Jack's childhood, so I'm trying to savor every day instead of looking ahead to the next thing. Life is short and I want to live in the moment!

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  1. You seriously have the most beautiful children ever! SO so so precious!