Sunday, August 9, 2015

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I remember Marcus and I hearing this phrase from family members when we started dating at 15 and 16 and our parents limited our time together. That's the story for the blog for the past couple weeks. Life has been crazy busy and I didn't feel like it was fair to sacrifice my time on other things for blogging so it just didn't happen. And that's ok because I can summarize the end of July and the beginning of August pretty easily and hopefully life will slow down a bit. 
We spend quite a bit of time on our front porch. She still would rather sit in our lap to rock than to rock by herself. I hope she's never too big to rock in my lap. There will always be room no matter how old she gets!

I take this picture and two minutes later, after I leave the room, he rolls over for the first time! He rolled to his left side so maybe we've got ourselves a leftie! Georgia and Jack both rolled over at 3 1/2 months.

We celebrated Daddy's 27th birthday on the 30th! He didn't want a big to do so the four of us went to eat at Moonlite BBQ. When we were seated at the restaurant Georgia asked, "Is this your birthday party, Daddy?" HA! Most people would be scared to take a two year old and a three month old out to eat but these two make going places really easy. 

I lost count of how many people gushed about our girl. She really seems to catch the attention of senior men :) And she was such a good girl. Pretty is as pretty does.

We spent more time at the pool. Jack wasn't as crazy about it this time as he was the first couple times. I think the heat was getting to him.

I have to brag on my boy. This night he had slept from 10-7! How did we get so lucky to have two great sleepers?!? 

My blue-eyed boy. He has gotten big so quick! 

Going swimming at her great-grandmother's in my swimsuit circa 1992. There is no elastic and it's three sizes too big but I couldn't tell her no (impromptu swim trip after church). It was a fun afternoon for both of them!

The best big sister in all the land. She insists Jack be included in everything we do. He likes the arrangement as well! 

I think I'm starting to develop a green thumb. My ferns that we bought in March are very fulll and healthy, my impatiens in the planters have rebloomed and are thriving, and the rose bush from Mother's Day has really taken off (on the side of the house)! Can you spot my two favorite boys? I told you we are on the porch a lot.

The main reason for my blog absence has been the start of school. Three of our schools went CEP this year which means all students receive breakfast and lunch at no charge. Each school is serving 100+ more students than last year. It has been a successful start!

Our lunch elementary menu. We're trying some new things-buffalo chicken wrap, lasagna rollups and a chicken basket. I'm making an effort this year to involve students in helping design the menus.

At one of our schools we are doing a grab n' go breakfast in the gymnasium. They are a large school and cannot fit all their students in the cafeteria for breakfast so we are going to try two different sites. It starts tomorrow, hopefully it will be a success as well!

Georgia Grace started "school" this week too! AKK Preschool starts academics on the first day of school and I hope to take a picture each year to watch her growth. Also, she's wearing pink keds that I found consigning for $2! 

Daddy also started his sixth year of teaching on Thursday. He has moved to 5th grade Social Studies this year. I think it will be the perfect fit for him. He also gets to have his same kids he has had for three years now. I don't know what any of them will do next year when they go to middle school!

Sweet preschool friends that were excited to see each other!

Saturday night Jack and I attended the wedding of my cousin Clint and his fiance Megan. Georgia had a birthday party so Marcus stayed with her. We are already "you take this one, I'll take the other". We make it work!

It was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. I'm so happy for the both of them! The service was Christ-centered and filled with reminders of who will be at the center of their marriage. 

A sweet picture our friend Cindy took. Jack is never short of someone to hold him. He was passed around the reception and he loved every minute of it.

They had a photo booth so we had some fun with my mom!

Hello, ladies! Be prepared to have your heart melted by me. 

Almost one month and almost four months. That went by quick!! I really need these next months and years to slow down drastically.

I'm hoping it won't be another two week hiatus on the blog front. I've started my post on breastfeeding Jack and I'm almost finished with it. This week looks like things will be slower and I'll have time for the extras. This sounds wonderful to me!

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