Thursday, August 27, 2015

A List For Our Week

This week, month, year has flown by. I'm not sure if it's because I was pregnant and then Jack was born but this year just seems like a blur to me. We are headed into the last quarter of the year and I feel like I'm just getting use to writing 2015!

Just a few random thoughts-
1. I have had travel fever lately. November was our last trip and I'm dying to get away somewhere. We've got a big trip coming up in October, a small weekend trip in November and then possibly three big trips in 2016 that I am already planning. Marcus and I both love to travel and we want our kids to experience other places with us so they will go with us! 

2. I love hearing who everybody thinks our babies look like. I think they are the perfect combination of both of us. The older they get the more I think they look like Marcus.

Jack and Georgia both at four months. They have the same eyes (big and round with huge pupils), similar noses and the same precious lips. She's my brunette and he's my blondie. This age has been one of my favorite ages for both of them. They are so expressive and their personality starts to shine. 

3. "Jailbird Jack"-that's what his Granddad called him in his striped pajamas. Look at those eyelashes peeking over the top of Aunt Shanna's sunglasses-melt me!

4. Tonight my brother is unexpectedly in Kentucky so we are going to dinner with him. He doesn't make it home much so this is a treat! He is loving the NYC life, I'm hoping we can go up to visit him one day.

5. My cubbies are installed and I'm in love! We still need trim and storage bins. Georgia Grace had first dibs and put her flip flops by her favorite one. Maybe this will prevent another shoeless church appearance. A big thanks to Chris Givens for custom building these for us and for the hubby for painting them. They know the way to my heart.

6. Yesterday was Jack's four month checkup. The verdict is he is a very healthy, growing boy. I hope I never take for granted that I have healthy babies. We should be giving continued thanksgiving that they are well and developing!

Baby Jack weighs 15 1/2 lbs (35th%), 26.5 inches (95th%) and his head circumference put him in the 95th percentile as well. Big boy! His pediatrician said he has the biggest head in town :)

Jack's feet are much improved. We are to put the white leather walker shoes (the ones you bronze) on the opposite feet for 6-8 weeks and after that he should be good to go! This is an answered prayer that no surgery or therapy was required.

It was shot day as well. He hated them. I took this picture while we were waiting for the shots but it sums up his feelings about them well. We had a rough night but he is more content today. You better swaddle him though or it's over. Poor baby, so not fair!

7. I took Georgia with us to the appointment today as well. Our pediatrician wanted both of them weighed and as we were walking to the scale she spotted Dr. Lee and said, "Hi Dr. Lee, I've been drinking my milkshakes!". It had everyone ooing and aahing over her. He had told her to drink one pediasure a day to help with weight gain so she was telling him that she had been doing (although that's not completely true for most days....). The nurses were so impressed with her communication skills. 

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  1. Your babies are just so precious! And I feel you on the need to travel. Caroline started out terrible, but I think she realized she better get on board or stay with Mamaw and Papa haha. She does great traveling now!