Monday, August 24, 2015


We have had a mild summer that makes me want it to stay summer forever.

This is the forecast for this week-who wouldn't want perfect weather like this?!? We are trying to do a lot of fun outdoor activities while we can. 

Friday my Dad and Deena took Georgia Grace to Lost River Cave. This was her first time to go but she was mostly excited about lunch at Chick-A-Flay ha! She got to ride in a boat through the cave, see a butterfly habitat and walk nature trails. They said she was a very good girl. Not sure if they would tell me if she was otherwise but I will take their word for it :)

Friday night lights at Butler County High School (where Marcus and I both went) for Jack's first football game! It was the season opener and our team won big. Go Bears!

Unfortunately though our friend Gage broke his femur during the game. Georgia thinks Gage is her "big boy boyfriend" so she has asked a million questions since it happened. They air flighted him to Vanderbilt but they circled the helicopter over the field before they went so he could see the scoreboard :) He has a long road ahead of him but we pray that he makes a full recovery and comes back even stronger!

Saturday was yard work day at our house. Six men were in our yard raising the canopy on our big oak trees. We didn't want to lose our shade but wanted to be able to see out a little better and this has really made a big difference. I'm so thankful the family that built this house kept so many trees (57 to be exact) on the land.

Saturday afternoon the boys stayed home and bonded by napping together :) I hear it didn't last long though, baby Jack has become king of the cat nap!
Sister girl and I headed out for a mommy-daughter day! Grocery shopping (she loves to go), CFA and a movie were on the agenda but she fell asleep on the way so we camped out in the Aldi parking lot for twenty minutes for her to get her nap out. I didn't mind the slow down and it was nice not feeling like we had to rush from place to place.
We went to "Dinner and a Moo-vie" at Chaney's Dairy Barn to watch Up. We went last year to watch Frozen and had a lot of fun so I wanted to keep the tradition going. I think her dimple shining shows her excitement!

The movie didn't start until dusk but we wanted to get a good seat so we laid down our blanket before going on a hayride.

The dark sky is not just because night was falling. A small summer storm was on the way that would cut the movie short for us but we had fun anyway.

She won't always think it is cool to go to a movie with her mom. I have proof that one day it was <3

She normally sleeps in her crib but she ended up in bed with us Saturday night. They're only little once.
Just the babes and me at church Sunday morning and I realize as we pull in the parking lot my daughter has no shoes. I was banking on the pair being in my car but they were in Daddy's SUV instead. Her dress was unbuttoned and I had sweated off my makeup trying to get us out the door and there on time. I'm thankful for our friend Brandy who came to the rescue and carried one of them across hot blacktop. We were a sight but we made it and received such a blessing! I'm learning to let go and just laugh at our shortcomings. She will never remember her shoeless Sunday.

For all my praying friends-please remember my cousin Mark this week. He begins treatments at Vanderbilt for a stem cell transplant. Also, please remember another church member of ours that found out he also has cancerous tumors this week. My heart is burdened for so many families this week. Please join me in lifting them up. 

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