Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fun in the Sun

I love July. It's the glory days of summer and the long days give way to extra time for fun to go along with the mundane. This weekend we had a full weekend and I know we will all be dragging tomorrow. But it will be worth it for the memories made.

Saturday morning our friend Ava had her second birthday pool party. Georgia decided to do a little bit of everything while we were there so we found ourselves in the backyard as much as in the pool :)

The birthday girl blowing out her candles. Happy Birthday sweet Ava!

Georgia and her "boyfriend" Thomas taking a spin in the car. Maybe this will be the same scene in 14 years or so :) We love sweet Tom Tom! 

Saturday night we had six of our couple friends over for a cookout and cornhole. I never remember to take pictures when we have a get together but we had a lot of fun catching up with everyone!

Sunday we did something we never do. We skipped church to go to the lake. When we go to the lake we always go on a Friday or Saturday but it seems like every weekend we have a birthday party, reunion, shower, wedding, etc. and this was our last chance to go before school started back and our lives get too busy for the lake. I hated missing but I knew a day with family was what we needed. He knows our hearts and knows one weekend won't make us wayward :)

We went to Lake Malone and used our friend's cabin. They have a gorgeous view! We took both babies so the cabin was so nice to have.

I'm sure there's an identical picture of me driving the boat at her age. If not a picure at least a memory. She thought she owned the lake!

Georgia's first time swimming in the lake. We went back in a cove to get away from the wake and when we would yell it would echo off the rocks and water. She loved that! 

No easy way to get in and out off a boat so might as well make the most of it.
She brought a toy fishing pole from the cabin on the lake, so precious.

We came home late afternoon which gave me enough time to get everyone bathed, fed and in bed early to get extra rest from a busy weekend. And now mommy is going to try to get in bed at a decent hour herself. I'm thankful for days filled with fun, friends and family.

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