Friday, July 3, 2015

Wild Animals

Monday Rachel and I took Georgia Grace and Roman to the zoo. We picked a random Monday in June to go thinking we would beat the crowds but we were wrong-it was crowded! Thankfully it wasn't real hot and once everyone got into the zoo we all kind of dispersed and it wasn't that bad. 

Our babies loaded up and ready to go! My mom kept Jack for me, I debated back and forth on taking him but ultimately decided he would be happier in an air conditioned home with his Gammy. We missed him but I enjoyed spending the day with my favorite girl.

I realized in this moment I wish I had brought my selfie stick. Oh well, asking a stranger to take our picture is not something I'm above doing. 

Have you ever seen cooler kids?!? Their personalities match their shades :)

The gorillas were a definite hit. They put on a show for us which included peeing off the top of the ledge. That was a crowd favorite.

We love Mr. Polar Bear too. It amazes me he can survive in the south. He stayed under the water most of the time.

Georgia and Mr. Polar Bear

They were taking it all in

And this one is a heart melter! I have to brag on these two, they were complete angels all day. We couldn't have asked for better behaved kiddos. They have so much fun together.

After the zoo trip on Monday, Georgia went to AKK on Tuesday to play with four of her friends that were spending their last day as Aunt Kay's Kids (Kohen wasn't there yet so he didn't make the picture).

They will start kindergarten in the fall so their preschool days are over. We are super sad to say goodbye but I know their friendships will continue and we will still see them outside of AKK. Plus Georgia Grace and Thomas are getting married they say so it sounds like future plans are being made ha!

Dr. Kypton and Dr. Georgia treating a patient one last time :)

Happy fourth weekend! We have had rain for most of the week and we really hope it goes away for the weekend. We want to be outdoors letting freedom ring. 

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