Friday, July 24, 2015

A peek at our week

I don't talk about my job much on the blog because I like to primarily focus on family things but it's been such a big part of my week I feel like I should share a little. I am the director of special programs for our school system (my largest program being school nutrition) and I will have one year under my belt next month. And what a fulfilling, challenging, crazy, fun first year it has been. Just to give you a little idea of what my first year was like, the night before the first day of this job I found out I was pregnant. The school nutrition program was selected for a major state review this year. We are a smaller school district so we all wear a lot of hats so that meant learning lots of new policies and procedures. And not to mention I was brand new with no experience in education. There were days I didn't know if I was going to be able to do it all.

But I made it through somehow and now I am busy gearing up for a new school year. I was off from spring break until after the fourth of July weekend on maternity leave-such a blessing! I know it's hard to take off that much time at a new job but I knew those days at home with my babies I will never have back and my boss fully supported me so I did it and don't have any regrets. Starting back to work in July has also been nice because we have a relaxed schedule and I don't have the constant interruptions of an average school day. I live about 4 miles from my office so I can go home and feed Jack in the middle of the day. It's been a very easy transition for all of us.

I am so excited about the new school year. Three of our schools are participating in CEP (community eligibility provision) which means students will receive breakfast and lunch each day at no charge. One of our schools we are doing a satellite breakfast in the gymnasium which is new and will give students another option for breakfast. Last year I felt like I was behind the eight ball constantly since I started my job after the school year had began with minimal training. The fact that I have done everything at least one time now gives me confidence in fulfilling my job duties. 

So it's been a busy few weeks gearing up for the school year but it's rewarding work and I know things will get back to normal once we establish routine. I miss Marcus and the babies but I go nonstop while I am at work so that definitely helps pass the time.

Enough talk about boring work stuff, let's talk about these two cuties instead :) My brother that lives in NYC turned 24 on Monday so since we wouldn't get to see him we "baked" him a cake and sent him a cute picture. Baking the cake was Georgia Grace's idea. She loves everything about birthdays.

She went to AKK two days this week to play with her friends. AKK was on vacation for two weeks and she said, "I wish my friends would come back to Grandmomma's house". Melted my heart!

I mentioned our craigslist stroller a few weeks ago and here it is! It's a City Select by Baby Jogger. It came with the second seat but we bought the infant seat adapter until Jack is big enough for the other. So far we love it. It's not for jogging but I don't really plan on using for that purpose. It has Georgia's approval! Jack also enjoyed the ride.

Hot temps call for some water table action

I know he's mine but y'all he's just so handsome. 

Jack Porter says, "Fri-yay"! He's the happiest baby boy there ever was. He's smiling 95% of the time. He loves to be held and talked to. He just has the best baby personality.

Happy weekend y'all! It looks like great weather for us so I plan on being outside as much as possible. Summer is going by too fast.

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