Monday, July 20, 2015

Swims and Friends

Even though we are on a relaxed summer schedule, weekends are still the most fun part of the week. This weekend we beat the hot temps by doing a lot of swimming and evening activities. 

Friday night we went to our friend Lola's birthday pool party. It was the perfect night for a swim. We were going out to eat after the party so I didn't wear my swimsuit and she swam (with her puddle jumper) like a big girl with her friends. It's exciting to watch her grow and blossom but also makes me sad to give up my baby a little more everyday.

She means serious swim business with her tongue out. She has become so comfortable in the water this summer.

And brother bear is growing up in ways of his own. He really wants to roll over, it won't be long. 

Saturday we spent the day in my mom's pool and I didn't take one picture. It was so hot I stayed in the water the entire time. Georgia went under water several times and jumped in without me catching her! It was a fun pool day.

Saturday night we had our neighbors/church friends over for a cookout. It was hot as blue blazes but these kiddos are troopers. Marcus smoked a boston butt that was delicious, my mother-in-law made coleslaw for us and I fixed some fresh corn picked out of my cousin's garden. Kathrine and Mary Ellen brought watermelon and chocolate cake.

Beating the heat in the jeep with Ava. These girls are nine months apart, I hope their friendship will continue to grow! It makes my heart happy they will grow up with each other in the same neighborhood and at church.

Sweet, sweaty friends :) We all stayed up past bedtime but that's what summer is all about.

Enjoying a little chocolate cake to get them extra hype for bedtime ;)

Would NOT look at the camera for a picture with her momma. This girl was given an extra dose of stubborn when God made her :)

You know it's been an extra fun weekend when you fall asleep on the couch at 6 pm. Bless her! We're breaking all the bedtime rules. 

I'm thankful for a full weekend filled with fun and friends. I never want summer to end.

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