Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Class of '05 Reunion

I am behind on everything right now and this is the reason. My ten year class reunion was this weekend and being our senior class president the responsibility of planning the event was on me and one of my best friends Shira who was our vice president.

We started planning everything at the beginning of the new year. We had a committee meeting in March and from there we made decisions on date, location, venue, etc. by class vote (we used survey monkey). I wanted to be as democratic about the decision making as I could be; this was our class reunion, not just mine.

Through the surveys, our class voted to have the reunion at Indian Hills Country Club in Bowling Green on July 11th, 2015. When we were searching for possible venues my friend Fawn mentioned IHCC because of a work connection she had there, and as much as I loved the idea of having it there I was worried that it wouldn't be in our budget. To my surprise it was as affordable as any place and it included everything we wanted eliminating the need to contract things out. A definite win-win!
Most of the room set up and ready. We had 52 attend which I was pleased with. I would have loved for there to have been more but it's hard to find a date where everyone was in town, off work, etc. Out of a class of 130 it was a good turnout!

Selfie stick class picture :)

My date forever and always. I appreciate him for allowing me to take a little time out of our lives to plan this event. I had to go to some meetings and spend time making preparations for the reunion and he always allowed me to do it. He is the best!

BCHS Class of 2005. This group will always hold a special place in my heart. You probably won't find a more diverse group but at the same time a group that gets along better than us. Not once did we have an argument through the planning process of the reunion which I hear is a feat in itself. I love my class!

We didn't plan a lot of events because we wanted the night mostly dedicated to catching up with classmates. We did remember our classmates that are no longer with us, recognized our service men/women, did a flash back to 2005 and gave away a few funny awards. This is Shira doing her step back in time-so fun! She did a great job!

On the right side of the table we lit three candles to remember three of our classmates that our gone but not forgotten-Beth Flener, Haskell Hudnall and Seth Drake.

We gave out a few awards just for fun. Render came all the way from Hollywood, California so he received the award for farthest distance traveled to attend. It meant so much to us that he valued the event and his classmates enough to do this. He's the best!

And then Garrett received the award for most dedicated classmate since his wife Monica was due with their second son SATURDAY. We were nervous we might have to move the party to the hospital! These two are so fun!

And last but not least, Kayla earned an award for finding a babysitter for five kids! Amazing. We thought that deserved recognition :)

I knew everyone would come ready to take pictures to remember their class reunion and I wanted a way to capture the event in a picture. Becky's husband Travis made this for us after I found the idea on Pinterest and it was so much fun!! Travis is a perfectionist so it turned into a pretty big project but I'm so thankful for him and the finished product.

These two right here are my forever friends. High school was so much more fun with them by my side. 

Some things never change. Love them both!

Just for fun we decided to recreate our senior personalities-
Most school spirit. And maybe most hair growth ha! Time has been good to us both. (Midriff showing and a ribbon belt-WHY?)

Most likely to succeed. We tried to replicate our poses as best we could, he nailed it.

Friendliest. How did Hank know to wear a sports coat?!?

Biggest rebel keepin' on keepin' on

Our athletes. Shira claims she can't run a mile now but I have faith she could!

Our class clown all day everyday

Most political-in loving memory of Charles Seth Drake

Most argumentative posing to perfection

Teacher's Pet-and guess what? Now she's a teacher!

Biggest gossips-this group was so fun we voted for three.

We also recreated our royalty pictures-2005 Bearfest King and Queen.  They just keep getting sexier with age.

Football homecoming King and Queen. Rocking the same smirk and smile :)

Clay and I grew up together and lived in the same neighborhood. He lives in Alabama now with his sweet wife Andrea and they are both pharmacists. So proud of him! 
Miles may separate us but we will always take a little piece of each other with us.

Our reunion couldn't have went any better. The venue was perfect, food was delicious and the company and conversations were the best you could ask for. It felt like old times. Even though our high school days are long gone, taking one night to celebrate them is something special. 

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