Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jack is THREE months old!

Jack, you are already three months old. You sure didn't stay a newborn long enough to suit your mommy. 
  • You probably weigh 13 1/2-14 pounds and are about 25 inches long based on my measurements. You're in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing, you have outgrown all your 3 month pieces :(
  • You don't have a set eating pattern, we just feed you when you are hungry. You are still exclusively nursing and receiving breastmilk in a bottle. I would like to make it one year like I did with your sister but you are a bigger eater so we will see how it goes.
  • Your hair is long and blonde with some curl to it. Your eyes are dark blue. You have long eyelashes like your sister. 
  • We continue to swaddle you for bedtime. I can already tell that will probably be hard to break you from someday. You are still sleeping in a bassinet by our bed because you like to nurse early in the morning and it's easier this way. During the day you nap in various places-swing, bouncy seat, carseat and ergobaby carrier.

  • You are the happiest and smiliest baby there ever was. Anytime someone talks to you you flash them a dimply grin. You are going to be a heartbreaker there's no doubt about it.
  • You are VERY active. Your granddad describes holding you like holding two catfish HA! You are constantly moving some part of your body.
  • You are easy going and laid back. You love to be held and cuddled. 
  • This month you have really started paying attention to your sister. You love when she plays with you and you think she's really funny. She thinks you are one of her baby dolls :)
  • You have no trouble riding in a vehicle and most of the time you fall asleep. We take you with us everywhere now. It's easy to get out and do things since you are usually content with whatever we are doing.
  • You like to stand up on our legs and you have a strong grip. Mommy can't wear her hair down when I'm near you.
  • You love your paci, specifically your wubbanub that has a puppy attached to it. You also enjoy rattles, activity chairs and anything with lights and bright colors.
See what I mean? So so happy!

And not only do you have to share the spotlight with your older sister, but your doggy brother too. He wanted to be a part of your monthly pictures.

We love you Jack Porter Harrison! Our hearts have grown so much because of you.

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