Thursday, July 16, 2015

Out and About

It's the middle of July and it's hot. The weatherman said in his forecast tonight that the breeze would feel like a blow torch. Needless to say we try to avoid being outside in the middle of the day unless it involves water. 

This summer has been a fun one but it's not because it is filled with big, extravagant trips or entertainment. We've learned to enjoy our surroundings and we know there will be plenty of days for traveling and outings once the babies are older. Right now some sidewalk chalk and a water table provides lots of laughs and giggles.

I didn't realize when I had Jack that I would refer to both of my kids as "the babies". I do that pretty often. And when people ask their age and I tell them "____ weeks/months and two" I get a lot of weary looks and exasperated sighs. But I love having two "babies" and two nurseries, two cribs, two rockers. God's timing is always what is best for us.

Chatbooks are the new big thing to hit the social media scene. I LOVE them! Once you download the app you can sync your Instagram feed and print or customize from your phone photo album. I made one for Georgia Grace filled with pictures of Jack and some of her and Jack. I saw a post today where a lady was making photo recipe chatbooks and it was genius! I'm currently brainstorming ways to make Chatbooks even more fun for our family. The possibilities are endless!

We went to a birthday pool party for our buddy Aiden Sunday night. Daddy stayed home with Jack so I could get in and swim too. We had a lot of fun and our girl gets braver in the water every time she swims.

And she has swam a lot this week! So has mommy. We went one evening to my mom's to avoid the heat and applying sunscreen-so much easier!

Right after sunset, just beautiful!

Wednesday night we went to Owensboro for some BBQ at Old Hickory and to see the new riverfront. Marcus has been but me nor the kids had so we were looking forward to it. A family picture in front of the Ohio River was warranted :)

They have the nicest playground I've ever seen. Millions and millions of dollars was put into it and it's so elaborate and detailed. She could have played all day here!

Swingin' like a big girl by herself

Aunt Shanna with her niece and nephew. Uncle Jake is gone on storm duty this week.

Pa, Georgia, Ma and Jack-such a sweet picture. I think Jack was needing a nap ha! 

Some years I am not sad when summer ends but I think this year I will be. These are just the best days that I want to last forever!

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