Monday, November 9, 2015

A Dressed Up Weekend

How is it already Monday again? Fall is quickly flying by and I can feel the proximity of Christmas. We received the toy catalogs in the mail, the Hallmark channel is 24/7 Christmas love stories and I'm trying to knock out as much of my Christmas shopping early as I can. I just feel like I can enjoy the season more if I can take care of the gifts before all the Christmas activities begin.

Jack spends Wednesdays with Mamaw Carolyn and since we still have warm weather he gets to go on wagon rides in her little neighborhood. I think she loves it just as much as he does.

"Kids I am so glad you are at mine and Anna's dance party. Now just a minute I will come out and sing Let It Go". Exits gracefully and reappears.

This was the picture and caption I received from preschool. This child! She loves to entertain and sing. This made me smile so big :)

It is easier to snap a picture of her in costume these days because dress up is her #1 thing. I have introduced her to Peter Pan (my favorite Disney movie) and she loves Tinkerbell.

We looked forward to Friday night and taking Georgia Grace to her first theater movie all week. We took her to see The Peanuts Movie. I don't know which of these two was more excited. She loved the experience, she is still too busy to sit through a whole movie so she got a little antsy about the hour mark but she was drawn back in at the end. The ending was so sweet, we loved the whole movie. My husband is a HUGE Charlie Brown fan.

Saturday afternoon we met up with my brother who was in town for WKU homecoming. He squeezed us in between the homecoming game and his fraternity reunion. It was good to see him as always, he brought both kid's gifts. He knows the way to their hearts.

My two cute boys sharing a coat. <3

Those lashes, lips, sweaty wavy curls. He is going to break a lot of hearts someday.

Sunday we went to church and then to our cousin/friend Audrey's birthday party. It was a frozen theme so GGH dressed the part as Anna. She loves any excuse to put on a costume!

Three sweet friends! Audrey and Eliza are both a year older than Georgia but they play together so well. Georgia is wearing the homemade Anna dress and cape that Grandmomma made her for Halloween last year. I love it so much!

The end to a fun weekend always concludes with bathtime. Jack has joined big sis in the tub now that he can sit up on his own. They both think it's the best thing ever.

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