Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 is in the books and it's time to document it. We had a great low key holiday at home with family. It's nice to not have to travel far with the babes and for family to come to us.

Thanksgiving day we had a feast at my Mom's for lunch. She turned 51 on Monday so we combined the two occasions. We like birthdays close to holidays in my family. I'm usually thrown in with Easter and now Jack potentially will be too, Georgia is a Halloween Eve baby so she definitely does. I guess that's why I love holidays so much :)
After meal #1 we headed back home for meal #2. This was our second year hosting Harrison Thanksgiving. Everyone chipped in and brought food but we did the meat and some sides. I made the candied yams I made last year that Granddad loves so much.
My flock wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Their faces look like they are saying "YUM"! :)
This picture cracks me up because this is the face Georgia makes almost every time I take a picture of her and Jack. She is a smitten kitten with her brother bear!
Jesus couldn't care less about when we decorate for the holidays but this is the reason Christmas comes after Thanksgiving for us. We love hosting Thanksgiving and "letting the turkey gobble" :)

Black Friday has become our day to decorate the house for Christmas. We bought a new tree this year and went with an unlit one. No more prelit trees with lights blown out covered up with string lights!

We decorated sister's nursery tree too. She was very proud of it, even though Mommy did 98% of it. She found other things to occupy her time like trying on every single dressup ensemble she owns.
We did some holiday baking over the break and she LOVED the apron and "shepherd's hat" I bought her a few Christmases ago that fits this year!
Sunday my in-laws asked us to come to the hanging of the greens service at their church. Georgia was asked to ring the bell and even helped hang the wreaths and place the poinsettias. We're excited for the season of advent to begin!
She took her job of ringing the bell very seriously. I love this picture.
It's a Christmas miracle but I already have my Christmas cards and should have them mailed by the end of the week. I don't know if I have ever had them by the first week of December but I like having it checked off my list. We have a busy week with a holiday party, dentist appointment and a home tour this weekend that we are trying our best to get ready for.
And I want to give an update on Owen. He is not doing well but he is holding on. After two days of not eating or drinking he finally drank some water for me tonight. We were so happy!!! He still hasn't ate and doesn't walk except when he tries to get up to pee. We are just taking it day by day and hoping and praying he can pull through. He is a part of our family and I cannot imagine not having him with us.

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