Thursday, November 5, 2015

Birthday Week + Halloween

The last week of October is always always going to be the busiest week of the year for us. It is a jam packed week so I going to try to remember it through pictures.

Friday morning we greeted our birthday girl with some balloons and streamers to start her birthday off right!

We all woke up early and had a homemade breakfast. Pancakes was the request from the birthday girl. She also opened one gift from Mommy and Daddy- Peppa Pig light up shoes. She has been talking about light up shoes so we did it. I do have to say they are cute :)

Georgia ate breakfast from this birthday plate my sister gave us to celebrate our baby's birthdays a few years ago. I love it and it was an extra special touch.

Friday was also Halloween party day at AKK and we celebrated Halloween at my office as well. I debated on taking off to spend the day with her but I knew she would never forgive me if I didn't let her attend the class party.

We dressed my coworker Shirley up as Cruella...

And we were her Dalmatian pups! Shirley's ensemble was a big hit. She made a great Cruella!

Meanwhile sister girl celebrated her birthday and Halloween at her preschool party. Georgia decided her pig head was itchy so that's why she is wearing just a pair of ears.

My three year old. This birthday was hard on Marcus and I, three just seems like a big number for our baby. We are thankful she is smart, growing and developing normally and just the sweetest girl in the world. She is our pride and joy. So blessed to be her momma.

Just because this week wasn't busy enough we squeezed in some family pictures too :) There was a lot of this going on, sweet affection that turns into head locks and sometimes tears but they sure do think each other hung the moon.

Happy Halloween from my cheerleader and football! When your big sister wants to be a cheerleader, little brother gets to be her accessory :)

Some people thought his stoic expression meant he wasn't crazy about his costume but I think he just had his game face on. If he grows up to be a SEC college football player and goes pro, his first Halloween as a football will be great material for his "The Story Of" :)

He was comfy in his pigskin sack. He was actually WAVING in this picture, his newest trick.

Since she turned three on Friday, she was ready to graduate from the church nursery to the Sunday School preschool class at church. She loved learning about Jesus and being with her big friends. I've been praying for her teachers Mrs. Jan and Mrs. Melissa that God will use them in extraordinary ways. Another proud and memorable moment for us. 

Her sweet class. It's a man's world with this group ha!

They sent us this picture during our Sunday School class because they knew we were anxious about how she was doing. Of course she did great and was a very attentive student. I hope she always wants to learn and grow in The Lord.

She also celebrated at Mamaw's with a cupcake, love her expression in this! 

Just a little sneak peek at our family photos. This is what love looks like. Kisses, babies, laughter, contentness. My heart captured in a photo. Thank you Jules <3

We are already well into November and we are making Thanksgiving plans and preparing for the Christmas home tour. Tis the season!

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