Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Days

It is Thanksgiving week and this is easily one of my favorite weeks of the year. I am home all week due to a double case of ear infections for the babes on the front end of the week which is no good but I'm thankful for these days at home to cuddle the sickly and prepare for the holidays ahead. I just really can't believe it's time to celebrate Jack's first holiday season. His first year is quickly passing by!
We are a meat eating family and I seem to always think I have ground beef only to realize once I start cooking supper that I am fresh out. When our brother-in-law asked us about going in with him to buy 1/4th a bull, we said yes. The bull was grass fed and the meat is delicious. I think this will be something we will do every season.
Is it just me or is the dining room the last time that everyone decorates? It is for us because it is the least utilized room. But the holidays and home tour have us focusing our attention on getting all of our projects finished. My grandparents came over this week and reupholstered my chairs for me. They can seriously do anything and will do anything you ask them to.
Here is the before. I didn't hate the plaid but we bought the table and chairs used and the other family's cat had left several crawl fringes in the fabric.
And here is the after. It looks like a professional job, they did amazing! The fabric is actually an ikea duvet cover I had laid on my guest bed. I decided it was better suited on my chairs and I am so pleased with how they turned out. We are ready to host Thanksgiving now!
A day in jammies and chocolate chip cookies was just what we needed. Georgia had an ear infection at the end of last week and Jack had his first one (and first sickness) on Monday. We are all doing better now!
It has also been a rough week for this boy. He had to have his boy surgery last week and from that we discovered he has blastomycosis. He has been very sick and to say we have been worried about him is an understatement. A few days ago we really didn't know what the future held but today he has improved leaps and bounds! He is eating can food, walking from room to room and even ran a little in the yard with Marcus! Our hearts were so happy to see him show a hint of his normal self. Please pray for him if you think of it.
Georgia has started gluing projects at preschool and loves it so we made some indian headdreses today. She helped me get started but ultimately I was the one stuck finishing them while she moved on to bigger and better things :) I think they turned out super cute though.
My wild indian babies
Jack's first Thanksgiving. He was most interested in ruffling his feathers :)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Parade watching, cooking, football, sales ad scanning and of course eating will be the highlights of tomorrow. My heart is so thankful!

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