Thursday, November 19, 2015

Weak Week

This week has been a doozy. I am thankful weeks like this are few and far between. We've had international conflicts, a sick baby, vet stays and just the general craziness that goes along with keeping a house up and running while trying to raise a three year old and a seven month old. It's all about surviving this week!

The attacks on Paris have been heartbreaking to watch. We are not a family that watches the news but have found ourselves glued to it this week. I fear for the safety of our world. I pray that our leaders do everything in their power to defeat the enemy and restore peace to our nations.

In happier news, the Harrison family had pictures made last Sunday. Georgia had stayed home from church on Sunday because she wasn't feeling great and we had to wake up Jack to take the pictures so I'm proud we had some sweet ones in the bunch!

She really turned it on when the pictures were all about her :) She is looking all of three (or older) lately. My heart can barely stand it.

Jack boy LOVES to eat. His favorites are the orange vegetables, bananas and bites of anything you will give him from the table. He tries to grab what everybody else is eating too. He is our "hungry Jack"!

It has taken two babies to learn this trick but I've started feeding them naked. It saves our clothes, we're one step closer to bath time and they thoroughly love it. Poor baby boy in the floral print high chair. He doesn't seem to mind it though.

Poor Owen has had a rough week. We took him to the doctor last week when he wasn't eating and all he would do is lay around. We learned his anal glands and prostate were enlarged and we scheduled for him to be neutered on Tuesday. Tuesday came and the neuter went fine but he was diagnosed with an antifungal disease and had to stay two nights to be treated for that. We have missed him SO much. I wanted to go visit him yesterday but knew that would probably just make him sad that I couldn't take him home but we get to pick him up today! I hope he is back to his normal happy and hyper self!

Wednesday afternoon sweet girl woke up from her nap crying and complaining of her throat hurting and pulling at her ear. The doctor's office was full but our sweet NP "Aunt Ash" got us in! Right ear infection was the diagnosis, she got a rocephin shot (she can't do oral medications) and we were on our way. I pray we will all get back to a healthy status very soon!

Aunt Ash and GGH. Ash couldn't be the one to give her the shot, but she did give her the sticker and sucker :) She took it like a champ though and is feeling much better!

In the middle of all of this we are trying to put the finishing touches on our house (one year later and still work to be done!) for the Christmas home tour we are doing in a few weeks. We are also hosting Thanksgiving again this year so we have been preparing for that as well. I have done a lot of online Christmas shopping so we come home to packages on the porch everyday that need to be wrapped. It's the busiest time but a time I want to savor and enjoy. I am hoping that will be our reward for putting hard work in now.

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