Friday, October 30, 2015

Dear Georgia

I wish I could bottle you up exactly as you are right now and keep you this way forever. These days are the best days. You have filled our lives with a love and happiness that is indescribable. Every decision we make is based on how it will effect you and Jack. You are our world!

Your third year of life has brought about a lot of changes. You are in preschool and love going to school. You have a new house and a new nursery and a new brother too. You have handled all the newness with grace and excitement.

Even though there has been change, there are still constants. You are still sleeping in your crib and you are such a great sleeper. You still wear footed pajamas or a gown every night to bed. You still let us brush your teeth for you. If you knock your covers off in the night and wake up without them, you holler for one of us to come cover you back up. And you still let us carry you (sometimes) and that makes us really happy :) Our baby you will always be.

Becoming a sister has been a highlight over the past six months. You told us a few days ago, "Jack is my favorite boy in the whole world". Your love for him is strong. You will be his protector and biggest fan. Watching you two grow up together will be a blessing.

At three years old you know your colors, numbers and most of your letters. You are learning to write your letters and name starting with the G. You are so proud when you bring home your coloring sheet with the letters you draw on them! You love playing dress up, babies and being read to. You love eating at "chic a flay" and riding the carousel in the mall. 

As we start year four I look forward to seeing your little personality continue to grow and develop. You are loved by so many because of your sweet presence and big heart. I pray that you learn more about Jesus and that we can show you Jesus everyday. That is the best gift we can give you. I know He has big plans for you my dear child!

I love you my October baby! You are everything and more I hoped and prayed for in a daughter. You are a perfect gift. Thank you for filling us with so much laughter, happiness and love.

I love you forever!


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