Monday, October 19, 2015

My catch up list

It has been a little while since I made a list of our current happenings. As usual we have been busy so this post will be long and I will try to do smaller, frequent posts as opposed to one big marathon in the future. I am ready to get back in my blogging groove!

This was my packing progress before we left for the beach. I love matching my two babes and I actually think I enjoy matching sister and brother more than I would if I had the same gender. I'm sure they will protest one day so I will enjoy it while I can.
Disney princesses and dress-up are Georgia's favorite things right now. We watch Cinderella on a weekly basis and sing "bibbidi bobbodi boo" on car rides. Could she be at the most fun age? I think yes!

Last Sunday we traded in our swimsuits for sweaters and went to our cousin Keagen's birthday hayride. We didn't ride on any hay but enjoyed some good food and company. And look at those heart eyes for mommy, he's a mommy's boy to the max.

Miss independent. As winter approaches and all the outerwear accessories starts becoming daily needs I want to find baskets/bins to go in our top cubby section. 

Thursday night we headed to Lexington for the game. This was our first date night since Jack was born. Even though we lost (barely), it was a fun night just having "us" time.

And the game was an exciting one, we were on our feet until the last seconds. We are 2-2 in the SEC now and I really hope we can make it to a bowl game this year.

Last week was probably my busiest week of the year at work as we celebrated National School Lunch Week. The theme this year was "school lunch snapshot" so at both of our elementary schools we had dress as your favorite fruit/vegetable day. So much fun!

The grapes boy won most original hands down. They all looked so cute and it was a fulfilling week teaching nutrition education and being involved in meal services at all of our schools.

We invited our legislators and our Kentucky State Senator C.B. Embry celebrated with us at Morgantown Elementary. We were honored that he took time out of his busy schedule to visit our schools. Thanks Mr. Embry!

Saturday my girl and I headed out to shop for birthday party supplies. She was such a good girl so I treated her to ice cream. Her request was "banilla with polka dots" :) She makes the best shopping partner.

Big boy is trying new foods and we have learned that he does NOT like green beans or peas, and LOVES carrots and mashed potatoes. His carrot face is too much! I hope he will eat baby food well and be a good eater in general. 

I mentioned our interest in princesses and dressup and from that we decided we wanted to give her a "princess closet" for her birthday. We were in need of an actual armoire and as I am driving down the bypass in Bowling Green I spot this in a consignment store parking lot- 
It was exactly what we have been looking for. It was an amazing coincidence that I was in the area and that it was set up outside or we would have never found it.

Her shoes and accessories on the left and dresses on the right. I cannot wait to give it to her! 

This was my pinspiration picture. I can't believe how similar it is.

Georgia and I ran home to check on the boys and headed out again for the annual McKinney hayride. Marcus decided to stay home with Jack since it was a chilly night. All of the kiddos loaded up and ready for the hayride!

Such a fun evening with good friends. The twins are so sweet to Georgia Grace and make her feel included even though she is younger. They are the best kids and wonderful role models for GGH.

Weekend naps are the best. He is growing up so fast. Every day he becomes less baby and more little boy. He already loves to stand in your lap so he will probably walk early like Marcus did (8 months! Please not that soon, Jack!). My selfish side wants to keep him this way forever but I know in my heart it is a blessing to see him grow and develop. 

Shew, I feel caught up now. Our next big adventure is our big girl's birthday party tailgate this weekend! I blinked twice and now I have an almost three year old. Time is no mother's friend. I am trying to enjoy these final days of her being two as much as I can.

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