Monday, October 5, 2015

Orange Beach {fall} 2015

Good morning from the gulf coast! I am up super early to book some special reservations for our next family vacation (more to come!) so in between the two time slots I need to book I thought I would make good use of my quiet time and get ahead on my vacation blogging.

We are spending the week in Orange Beach, Alabama. Marcus and I have been to Gulf Shores when we were younger but neither of us have been to Orange Beach. We are excited to see what the redneck riviera was all about! And of course break in Jack boy to the beach life.

Six people in one vehicle packed in like sardines. Thanks to my devoted husband we left at midnight to beat the fall break traffic and let the babies sleep. Both babies did indeed sleep the night away, it was so wonderful!
We arrived with all of our precious cargo! 9 1/2 hours start to finish and happy, sleeping babies the whole way. We are grooming two little travelers!

Any beach view is amazing but I really love the view from this condo. It is at an angle so you have a better panoramic view. This condo was a very affordable VRBO find so I was nervous about it but we couldn't be happier with it for what we paid. We call it our Golden Girls condo :) A touch of the 80's and a little granny style. Georgia even asked when we arrived, "Is this Mamaw's house?" HA!

Sittin' on the beach with our sweet Georgia peach. She plays in sand like it is her job! She stays so busy all day long running from the water to her sandy spot. I love her contentment with just a bucket of small sand toys her Ma sent with her for the trip. 

Morning shenanigans. We are never short of entertainment with these two.

Beach snacking. Extra sandy of course.

"Go in the water with me, Mommy!" The waves have been super calm and clear, she loves going out and wading.

My whole heart. The gulf coast is our happy place! It is also Jack's new favorite nap spot.

Our pretty condo. It's not fancy and probably hasn't been updated since it was built but the rooms (and decks) are spacious and the views are amazing. This is all we need!

He likes to cuddle, smile at pretty girls and walks on the beach (no wind, please!). I think have another beach baby.

Uncle Eric and Aunt Paigey didn't get the message to make the "I'm sooo tired of having my picture made" face! No nap and playing at the beach all day will warrant this.

Riding a dog statue helps though!

Lambert's Cafe, a family favorite. And we actually saw some family while we were eating here! My mom saw on Facebook they were coming the same week as us and luckily we ran into them and got to catch up. 

For the rest of the week, you know where you can find me. I'll check back in soon!

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