Friday, October 2, 2015

Life Lately

My heart is super heavy as I write this post. A tragedy struck our school system on Monday as a kindergartener was struck and killed in a school bus accident. Please pray for the family, the bus driver and her family, the children who were witnesses on the bus, his classmates, our administrators and MES. We are a devastated community that covets prayers. Days like this make my heart long for heaven even more so than the ordinary days. My humanness cannot comprehend this type of incident but I know God's plan is sovereign. My faith is in Him alone and I know He will show up in big ways through this tragedy.

Sweet boy has found his toes and loves them. I videoed his new discovery this weekend and it reminded me so much of a video of Georgia Grace at the same age.

Sunday afternoon our friend Sophia came over for a playdate. These two had the BEST time playing together! Neither of them wanted the playdate to end. Sophia's papaw is undergoing chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer and he could also use your prayers. He has served The Lord in song for years and he's not ready to be finished serving Him. Pray for a miracle for this family.

Jack ate his first bites of "food" this weekend and lapped it up! I had intended to wait until he was six months per pediatrician and my recommendations since he is still on breastmilk but I caved. He has been very interested at meal time. His first food was a whole grain rice cereal (I chose to skip single grain cereal due to lack of nutritional quality). 

Sometimes you just have to go with your mommy instinct. He will be six months in a few weeks so we are close enough and oh boy did he feel like a big boy eating from a spoon!

Mmm mmm good!

Of course sister mommy helped feed him. She has been pretend feeding him so we had to remind her that this was the real thing and she couldn't shove the spoon down the back of his throat :) (yes that happened)

Double trouble. He should be able to maintain his stocky physique with this arrangement. #fatjack

For sure seeing a resemblance in these pictures. I just love both of these pictures of my sweet babies.  I wish I could bottle this up and keep it forever.

This weekend continued with headlining news when we switched Jack from a swaddle blanket to a sleep sack. Jack has been a hardcore swaddler since about day ten so this is HUGE. He even likes to be swaddled in the middle of the day or when he is eating. Comfort is very important to hiim :) We are on day three and so far so good. We will probably try moving him to his crib when we get back from the beach since he has absolutely no room left in his bassinet. 

 Our cousin from Louisville met Jack for the first time this week and said she thought he looked like the dentist from Rudolph. This side by side makes me a believer! It's the hair and eyes. Love my beautiful boy.

I am counting down the days until we are sunny and 75 with our toes in the sand!

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