Monday, September 28, 2015

Favorites for Jack

I had planned on doing a post about Jack's favorites closer to the three month mark but we are closer to the six month mark. In turn this has forced me to rely on my memory of the early newborn days which haven't been that long ago but things change so quickly it is hard to keep up. Here we are on the cusp of half a year and I have no idea where the time went.

Jack is a baby that likes his comfort. He likes to feel safe and snug. It has surprised me how different both of my babies have been in their early days. Different gender, different season, I guess we were destined for different personalities as well.

Jack's favorite things

When Jack was 10 days old and only sleeping 1 1/2-2 hours through the night, I decided to try a swaddle blanket a friend had loaned me. Georgia hated being swaddled (and still doesn't even want a cover at night!) so I really hadn't considered it but nothing else was working so I thought I would give it a try. He instantly started sleeping 3, 4, 5 hours at a time! And now here we are 5 1/2 months later and he still loves to be swaddled. Yes, you are suppose to stop swaddling when baby can roll over but he is still in a bassinet by our bed so it's not really an issue. We're breaking all the rules! He is my burrito baby.

*Update-Jack has slept in a sleep sack the past two nights successfully!! We may have found our replacement to the swaddle.

This was a lifesaver in the early days. We still use it some but mostly use the bumbo now for a seat. Jack loves the vibrations and lullaby it plays. It is set to 30 minute intervals so I knew when I put him in it I had half an hour to shower and get ready, cook supper, etc. When it kicked off it would wake him but if he was really sleepy he would sleep another 30 minute round. As he got older he started playing with the mobile. He loves to be in it in the kitchen and watch me cook supper or watch Georgia eat, color or play. This baby gadget is worth every penny.

I'm just going to be honest here. The main reason I chose this car seat was because it was Prince George's car seat. I thought if Duchess Kate thinks it is good enough for her royal baby then it is good enough for our Jack :) It is a great seat, we have loved it so much more than the one we had with Georgia. He naps in it well and the straps are easy to secure. The only downside is it is super heavy. We have had two Britax carseats and have been very happy with both.

I was drawn to this because of its uniqueness but in reality it is a smart invention. The drying rack we used with Georgia had big prongs that stuck up and I was constantly trying to squeeze all the parts on the rack. This "lawn" allows you to place any piece anywhere. It's easy and looks cute in my kitchen!

These have been a game changer for me. For some reason I did not know that Medela made bottle parts when I was pregnant with Georgia so I would pump milk in the medela reservoirs, pour over into Avent bottles, add the nipple and parts, and feed. Using all medela parts I get to cut out one whole step and lots of bottle washing. I kept the old bottles in case Jack wouldn't take the Medela kind but he has with no issues. I have been lucky on that one, both my babies tolerated the first type of bottle I gave them. Being able to pump straight into the bottle and then simply adding the feeding parts when it is time to use has made my life so much easier!

6. Wubbanub
Jack goes no where without his wubbanub. We have only left it a couple times and we went back for it both times :) He is an easy baby and rarely fusses unless he is hungry or sleepy but he loves the comfort and security of his wubbanub. I think he likes his toy dog just as much as the paci portion. He will just hold the puppy and wave it around proudly. In true sibling opposite fashion, Georgia took her wubbanub the first three months and was done with it. I feel like we are in for the long haul this time...

7. Gowns and rompers
They are only little once, right? I have said it before but I love dressing my babies like babies. There will be plenty of days for big boy clothes so for now his wardrobe consists of gowns (more so early on, he is very close to sitting up on his own so those are phasing out) and rompers. Almost everything he has is one piece and I have only put pants on him a few times. I have loved putting him in sun suits all summer. Let them be little is my motto!

Just a few more things that deserve recognition related to our Jack-

Honorable mentions
Since my babies are close in age and Georgia is on the small side, I thought a double stroller for a few years would be advantageous for us. We haven't used it as much as I thought we would have but both babies love it. We found a used one cheap on craigslist and then bought the infant adapter so Jack's seat would fit until he is big enough for a regular seat. We plan to take it to the beach next week so we should get some use out of it then. It is a super swanky stroller that I would not have paid retail for but would gladly take it for my craigslist price!

Before Jack was born I took Georgia shopping for a present for him from her that she could bring to the hospital. I gave her full reign in the baby department and this Infantino musical bug is what she picked out for him. It is his favorite toy by far. He gets so happy when we pull it out and it plays the lullaby. She knew all along how to take care of her brother!

It is hard to comprehend how Jack has already been with us for close to six months. His birth seems like it happened yesterday but yet it also feels like he has been a part of our family for a long time now. I have listed all of these items that we have used to make Jack happy and healthy but his favorite thing is playing with his big sister! He longs for her attention and proximity. When she leaves the room cue the water works because he misses her already. They have the most precious bond that continues to grow deeper and stronger. And that is my "favorite" thing as the mommy to those two :)

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