Thursday, September 17, 2015

Soaking Up Our Story

I am playing a little blog catch up today. I was in Lexington two days last week and got behind on several things. All my spare time has been with my favorite trio so #sorrynotsorry to my blog. Sometimes you just have to soak up more of the story and do less sharing. They will always be my priority and if I can squeeze in some extra time (which usually means sacrificing some sleep for me) then I will document the memories. It is all about finding that healthy balance. 

This baby was up from nap and ready to play! He has had some sleep regression recently and he thinks it is a good idea to wake up for a "snack" at 4 am. We start talking about moving him from the bassinet to the crib and this is his response :) I don't think he wants to although he is getting very close to his head and feet touching the sides! 

My sweet babies are already playing together. Poor Jack is in a pink bumbo but he is balancing it out with a blue sports ball onesie so it is all good :) He loves to watch her do anything and she loved showing him how it assembled.

I want this summer to be remembered as the one that I bought ferns in March and they survived (and thrived!) until September. I think I am going to try keeping them alive in our garage during the fall/winter. My Mamaw has had success with it and I have nothing to lose. We have windows for natural sunlight and I can water them regularly. I received some awesome tips on IG that I am going to try as well.

I kiss these cheeks a hundred times a day. If he doesn't brighten your day then there is no hope. He loves to cuddle and "be a baby". Just stay this little, Jack boy.

One day at preschool Georgia put these pretend glasses on and told everyone, "I am not Georgia anymore". She couldn't tell them who the new girl was but she was not Georgia :) She keeps us laughing everyday!

I am thankful that Georgia Grace goes to a preschool that teaches patriotism. She was not even a thought on 9/11/01 (I was a freshman in high school!) but she will know this is a day we honor and remember.

Some mighty cute patriotic preschoolers.

Saturday we went to Abbott's third birthday party. He got a cool new ride so he can drive all his lady friends around! It was hilarious to watch them.

She LOVED his playground. He has an awesome setup and sweet girl had the best time. She would have stayed all night if I let her.
Uncle Nathan with his boys. Roman and Jack are one year apart and they will best buddies no doubt.

We got home in time to watch most of the UK game and witnessed the breaking of the SEC away game losing streak by beating South Carolina! It was sweet, the only thing that would have made it better is if we were in Columbia. We even let GGH stay up past bedtime in honor of the occasion.

I hope I can always remember how sweet and innocent they are at this age. Their love for each other is already so evident. I wake up every morning encouraged to do all that I do so I can provide a meaningful and fulfilled life for them. They have their Mommy and Daddy's whole hearts!

We are counting down the days until our trip to the beach in October! I am also planning Georgia Grace's birthday party and I have already started Christmas shopping. I am a planner at heart so you know my heart is happy with all the events that are coming up. The remainder of 2015 is playing out to be full of fun and memories.

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