Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer 2015 Recap

We have quenched summer to the last drop. And if we are still blessed with beautiful September days and the busyness of fall doesn't get in the way you will find us pool side. For some reason I haven't been bitten with the fall bug yet.

This season looked different than years past with a two year old and a newborn. We had to delay some of our normal activities and did more easy, fun things. Here's how we faired with our summer bucket list:

1. Drive-in
Not technically but I did take Georgia to "Dinner and a moo-vie" which is in an outdoor setting so I think it counts. This has become an annual event we look forward to.

2. VBS
Georgia Grace went the entire week and had a great time. She stated her favorite party was the dancing :) Her big cousin Delaney was a helper in her class which helped in coaxing her to go to class instead of staying in the nursery with Mommy and Jack.

3. Homemade ice cream
Did this a few times. I made my famous peach homemade ice cream for Thunder Over Grancer around the Fourth holiday.

4. Family picnic
We did a modified version of this. And by modified I mean myself and the babies sat on a blanket in the front yard and ate snack foods ha! I didn't intend on this being our "family picnic" but we just didn't make it work with two babes two years and under. There's always next year.

5. Jack's sip and see
We let our close friends and family meet our new baby boy and see our new house. It was a day filled with love, laughter and southern hospitality.

6. Lake
We went once and had a really good time. We knew this wouldn't be something we could manage to do every weekend with an infant but I'm so glad we made it out on the water to boat, swim and relax.

7. Farmer's Market
Didn't happen. Saturdays are usually the day to do this and we never squeezed it in. We will add it back to the list next year.

8. Take Georgia fishing
We did and she had a good time but was only interested for about 20 minutes. I think she is more of a pool girl.

9. Zoo
We went to the Louisville Zoo back in June with Rachel and Roman. Both kids did wonderful! Jack stayed with grandparents so we could have a big kid's day. We will definitely be back next summer.

10. $2 movie
We decided against this one because there really wasn't anything playing this summer that we thought would interest her for the duration of a movie. We are making plans for her first theater movie to be the Peanuts movie that will be coming out this fall. So fun!

11. Baseball game
Did not do either for the same reason above. Maybe next year.

12. Pajama day
Oh yes. More than one. These are the best days.

13. Catch lightning bugs
Check. Always a sweet memory of summer.

14. Pool
We spent a big chunk of our summer at my mom's pool. I was on maternity leave until after the July 4th weekend and this would be where you could find us most days. Georgia loves to swim and became more comfortable in the water each time she swam.

15. Splash park
We skipped this one. She wasn't crazy about it last year so we're going to give it another year.

16. County fair/fireworks
It was a rainy festival this year but we did go on the 4th and Georgia got her picture made with Miss Catfish! Hannah and her family are dear friends of ours, she was a perfect representative for our county! And the fireworks were a big with both babes, all smiles and no tears.

17. Sno shack
Oh yes! Numerous times. She started the summer ordering orange because, of course, but realized she wasn't crazy about the taste and got different flavors after that.

18. Make popsicles and homemade lemonade
We made Popsicles but no (homemade, we kept a pitcher of Country Time regularly) lemonade.
Our class reunion, a baby dedication, three weddings and a myriad of birthday parties also filled our summer days. The best part of the summer was being a family of four. Jack tagged along with us everywhere we went and proved to be up for all the shenanigans. His addition made our summer extra special. I love making our summer bucket list. I am positive there are a few memories that would not have been made if I didn't have the list to hold us accountable. It's kind of like goal setting for me.

Goodbye, summer. Thanks for all the memories!

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