Thursday, September 3, 2015


I know everyone thinks their child is the funniest but I am pretty sure Georgia Grace reigns supreme. She is an advanced talker for her age so hearing all the big talk come out of her little body is hilarious. And she loves to talk! She has a strong gene pool on both sides of the family for that so she gets it honestly. Since I know I won't remember these in 15 years, here are some of her famous phrases at two and three quarters-

"Ashful" means bashful. We asked her to sing for her great uncle Bubby and she said, "No, I'm just being ashful". Way too precious to correct.

Twice she has blamed Owen on something she has done. The first time I found marker scribbles on her playroom rug and I asked if she did it. Very believably she told me she did not and when I asked who did then she stated that it was Owen. I then called for Owen to come into the room and I pretended to whisper to Owen. You should have seen the hilarious look that came over her face. I told her that Owen just told me that she had made the scribbles and she replied, "Yeah (nervous laugh), it was". Fighting back laughter with everything I had in me I told her that it was wrong to lie and I was disappointed she didn't admit to doing it. She said she was sorry, I cleaned the rug and we went on. And then a week later she did the same thing to Marcus and he pulled the same stunt I did and caught her again. We are going to have our hands full!

She responds to questions in full sentences. Very rarely does she just say "Yes" or "No".

Right now she is infatuated with the big bad wolf. He is the first villain that's struck a cord with her and we have to read the book, tell the story, watch the show and pretend to be BBW all the time!

Cheerleading is another favorite. She gets that honestly as well from her Aunt Shanna. Her interest has excited her Ma and she already has a real cheerleading uniform, bloomers and pom poms to boot!She has already decided she wants a cheerleader birthday party and will be wearing this to the party :)

When she is matching someone else in any way, she wants to do "cheers". If we are eating the same thing, we cheers. If we are wearing the same color, we cheers and chest pump ha!

McDonald's will always and forever be "Old MacDonald" to us now. Even when she outgrows it, the name has been officially replaced in my book.

Sunscreen is sun cream. At first we thought she just had word confusion but then we saw a few episodes of Peppa Pig and realized that is the british way of saying it. So funny!

"I'm too tired from the exercise at my school" and "My mommy and daddy don't like me anymore" were two bedtime quotes a few nights ago. The second quote was a follow-up to being in timeout for not wanting to brush her teeth. #twoishard #almostathreenager

Yesterday she said, "When I grow up, I want to be a Grandmomma just like you" to her great-grandmother. Grandmomma had tears in her eyes when she told me about it so I think she pretty much melted her. Love my girl!

She is very polite and uses manners well. She told my dad the other night, "I had a great time, thank you for inviting me" when he brought her home from the game. I think they were impressed!

She talks about getting married all the time. And this morning she moved to, "Mommy, when I get bigger I will have a baby in my belly too". She is for sure a little wifey and mommy.

She keeps us on our toes and rolling in laughter most of the time. I hope her personality continues to grow and she keeps her spunk always!

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