Monday, September 21, 2015

Busy and Blessed

Me: "How is it already Sunday night already?"
Marcus: "I don't know but you say that every week." 

Guilty. Which is why I will always be in support of fall break and I cannot wait for it in two weeks! It is a perfectly timed vacation in my opinion.

This week/weekend was a busy but blessed one. I don't have the house in order or meals planned out on Sunday night like I normally do but we soaked up every minute of the weekend so I will take the tradeoff. 

My best friend from college came to visit last Wednesday. Beth is my soul sister. I have learned so much about friendship from her. From WKU to Michigan to Lexington to Tennessee, the miles will never be too far. The last time we saw each other I was nine months pregnant with Georgia so she was able to meet both babies for the first time! They loved her of course.

These two became instant playmates. Beth and her husband Ming have nephews and nieces in Malaysia that they do not get to see very often so she loved spending time with our children. It was so good to see her. She was such a source of accountability to me during my college days and I can't thank her enough for investing in me. She is a treasure!

This happened overnight, y'all. We are one month away from three but it feels more like thirteen! Tonight we were watching Cinderella and she said, "If they (evil step-sisters) do that again I am putting them in timeout" :) She is full of spirit and spunk and it is a dream come true to be her mommy!

An excerpt from the picture taking that I think sums up Georgia Grace pretty well-dainty and sweet and a little bit fiery!

She wanted to ride an escalator like Elf so that is what we did (10+ times) Saturday morning. She was so excited about it! I love that the simple things are still big things to her. Also, she was game day ready in her UK attire.

Candid expressions are the best! The sparkle in her eye when she saw the escalator just melted me. 

We grocery shopped while we were out and about and Daddy and Jack were home watching football. She has graduated to the back of the cart now.

And then she helped me unload the cart. I love day trips with my favorite girl.

We were home early afternoon and the rest of the day was spent relaxing in pj's and watching football. She had had enough football so we set up Cinderella for her in our entry with her playroom TV. Cinderella is her favorite thing right now, this makes my heart so happy!

Happy SUNDAY! Be still my heart. So many people think that Jack looks like my late Papaw Porter and I feel like he especially does in this picture which was taken on the third anniversary of my papaw's passing. I wish he could have met these two precious souls but would not wish any pain or suffering on him to have him back. His death was sudden and he left the world doing what he loved-mowing his lawn. I'm thankful his legacy lives on another generation.

"Blue-eyed boy and my brown-eyed girl, oh oh oh, the sweetest thing"

Sunday was full to the brim. After church we headed to the next town over for a shower to welcome baby Bess. A neat little story about our friendship with John and Mary Beth-John and Marcus met their freshman year at WKU. John was from Alabama but would stay in Kentucky a lot over the summer so Marcus invited him and Mary Beth (they were just dating at the time) to our county fair. They come and John informs us that his mom and dad are both from a town 30 minutes away from where we live! We had no idea he had family so close to us.

A special friendship and kindred spirits. We cannot wait to welcome baby Bess very soon! She is due in three weeks and looks AMAZING! I was a barn at this stage of the pregnancy, just saying.
After the shower we had time to run home, pump, grab the gift and head to our friend Caroline's birthday party. Georgia fell asleep in the car so she stayed in her church dress all day. Sweet cousins Marley and Georgia Grace just a swingin'! These two had fun playing together and I failed to get a picture with the birthday girl, she was too busy enjoying her party and celebrating her new big sister status that was announced at the party :)

I felt like sister was in all my pictures this week so I had to take a candid one of baby Jack tonight. Isn't he handsome? He spent more time with just Daddy this weekend and did great. He is still momma's boy but I see lots of Daddy-son Saturdays in the future.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and the new week is off to a fresh start!

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