Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Another summer in the books. The older I get, the more I value this season. The days are long, temperatures are warm, schedules are relaxed and time seems to slow down. There are great things about fall-football, school, the beginning of the holiday season but none of those things give you all the possibilities that summer does. Summer, you will be missed!

Our neighbor Evan came over to play one afternoon. There are five years difference in Evan and Georgia but they play together so well. We are blessed with wonderful neighbors!

Friday night we went to the high school homecoming game. GGH is all into cheerleading right now and my Mom took her to meet one of her students who is a cheerleader before the game started. Macy was so sweet and made her feel special! 

Only two out of four of us looking but we love Friday night lights!

Cutest smiles at the game award goes to these two :)

A lot of Marcus's students were at the game and some of the girls let Georgia have a front row seat with them to watch the cheerleaders. I don't know who was more excited, the girls or sister :)

She played real life little mommy and helped feed Jack. There was a lot of "keep the bottle up" and "hold his head" but she did good and was proud of herself. I think Jack boy enjoyed it too, he thinks anything she does is the best thing.

Saturday afternoon we attended my sister's best friend Sophie's wedding. Sophie has become a dear friend of ours as well over the past five years.

I promise my babies were happy and love the Hussungs, they were just over pictures and the heat and smiling :) 

I was actually separating them because Jack had a big hand full of hair but it looks sweet so it's a good fake out.

My sweaty, hot, beautiful baby girl. She still wears her bonnets with no opposition so I'm keepin' on keepin' on.

The wedding was at Rich Pond Baptist and the reception was at Jennings Creek. Such a beautiful setting.

"Soapie" is one of our favorite people. So thankful for her friendship and love. Ben is the luckiest man! We wish them a lifetime of blessings.

Sunday afternoon we went to our annual McCoy family reunion. It amazes me how the weather for labor day weekend changes drastically from year to year. This year was a scorcher. Georgia had a lot of fun playing with her sweet cousin Clay!

Daddy went on a dove hunt after the reunion and brought home his trophies. Of course someone had to see them and ask 102 questions :) She is well educated on dove hunting now.

Brother bear is starting to do big things like sit with sister on the couch while she watches a Disney movie. I just can't get over how big he looks in this picture. I should add this was spaghetti night so Georgia was down to her skivvies.

This lasted about five seconds and then he started attacking her and pulling hair. 

Labor Day plans changed when sister spiked a fever Sunday night. A laborless day of cuddles and playing babies was what we needed today. 

This summer has been the best. Fall, you have big shoes to fill! 

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