Sunday, October 11, 2015

Orange Beach {fall} 2015 part two

We are back from a wonderful week in Orange Beach, Alabama with my sister and brother-in-law. None of us had ever been to OB (we have been to Gulf Shores several years ago) so we were excited to explore a new beach. Marcus and I love to travel and we hope to instill that in our children. We are always planning a trip or jotting down ideas for our next vacation.
Orange Beach was amazing. I grew up going to Destin every summer so I was a little resistant to jumping ship from Florida to 'Bama. We love Destin but Orange Beach has a little piece of our hearts now. Beautiful beaches and amenities, exceptional seafood and just a wonderful southern atmosphere you don't feel at other beaches. I think our family will be frequenting the redneck Riviera!
This was Jack's first beach trip and his first "dip" in the Gulf of Mexico. He decided that his idea of beaching it was napping under the umbrella :)
Georgia Grace loved it all. She learned how to sift sand and look for treasures with Uncle Eric. Look at the stillness of the water, it was unreal.
The front part of the week was a little cool for me so I stayed in my coverup in the mornings. My girl was almost too busy for a picture with her Mommy.
Every night we went out to eat. Some people buy groceries and cook in their condos or bring food from home but half the fun of the vacation for us is trying different restaurants. I had a lot of good recommendations from friends on places to go so we had great food every  night we were there. This night we went to The Original Oyster House featuring the two best catches in the sea :)
Family pictures are fun with an almost three year old and a five month old. You just snap and accept at least half will not be looking at the camera.
Sweet girl was sleepy this night. Most days she did not nap but you wouldn't have known it besides the tired look in her eyes. She is like her Mommy and doesn't require a lot of sleep.
Back to the beach for more sand castle building and wave jumping.
So excited!
We let brother play in the sand with sister this morning since it was cloudy. I know clouds at the beach are usually not a crowd pleaser but when you are beaching with babies it is a blessing. We loved the overcast mornings. I love this picture so much. So far they play well together and share.
I am always the photographer but I tried to be in a few more snapshots this vacation. I want to be where the memories are taking place. Hopefully these two will want to know what their Mommy looked like at 28!
GGH had a playmate everywhere she turned this week. There was lots of aunt/uncle and niece/nephew bonding. My sister cried when she pulled out of our driveway the day we came home. We are all having withdrawals!

Our friends were staying a few condos down from us so we walked up the beach to visit one day. Ava, Georgia and Thomas playing in the sand.
We went out to eat with them at Cosmo's. These two are so cute and funny. When we got there she said, "Mommy, I am going to marry him, go tell him" HA! We talk about marrying Thomas everyday.
We have so much material if that does come true one day :)

Hometown friends beachin' together. Love all of them!

Will, Thomas, Cooper, Ava, Georgia and Jack :)
We decided ice cream for dessert one night was a must. Even this little ice cream shop had a sweet, southern touch to it.
I was up early to book some important surprises for our next family vacation and took advantage of the quiet morning. Good for the soul. Jesus feels closer when you're at the shore.

By the middle of the week it was full sun without a cloud in the sky. The Pirate Ship Adventure Cruise went by one day and shot off cannons, it was so neat. We didn't know what it was but my IG friends had the scoop. I would love to do this someday when Jack is a little older.
Right now baby Jack is most interested in doing this :) Love his heart he was the best thing the whole week. However, we brought home a spoiled baby!
Our extra pairs of hands this week. We love them so much and I'm so thankful for this week we were able to spend with them. They are easy to please and just did whatever was easiest for us and the babies. This is a week we will never forget!
"What do I do with my hands?" I'm certain we brought some of this sand home with us.
Awake and ready to play in the shade. He really perfected his ability to sit up this week. There were a few face plants in the sand but he took them well.
Because he actually loved eating the sand. This was his sand beard. Boys will be boys!
My sand angels <3
This was our last day so we tried to soak up the sand and ocean as much as we could.
Snack time for Georgia Grace. It was a constant battle of keeping her hands de-sanded so she could eat!
Wild boy was hilarious this week. He just squeals all the time. What a face!
We caught a beautiful sunset at Sea-N-Suds before dinner. My new favorite picture of my family of four.
The whole gang

Matching sibling picture fail but they still look adorable. I am a proud momma!
"If you won't give me baby food I will just eat sand instead"
Probably my favorite picture ever. My heart skips a beat every time I look at it. My cup overflows.
I made it into a watercolor, I love this type of medium. Definitely being framed and hung soon.
Our last night we went to The Gulf for dinner and this was our view waiting in line to order our food. We had no idea what a gem this place was!
GGH playing with stranger kids. She doesn't care, she just loves to play!
A beautiful setting and wonderful food.
Our week in a collage. At least I have these pictures to savor until our toes are in the sand again. That can't come soon enough! Until next time OB.

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  1. It's always such a joy to be able to take your kids on exciting adventures! I always take my kids to the same beach every summer, but this summer, we decided to go to another beach in Clearwater. It was just as amazing as the one we always go to! I also agree that eating at different restaurants is a "must" when you are traveling to enjoy so many other types of food that aren't available in your hometown.