Friday, December 4, 2015


Owen Theodore Harrison
March 31, 2009-December 1, 2015

Our Owen passed away on Tuesday after he contracted the disease blastomycosis. It was a very hard two weeks leading up to the end but we were able to say our goodbyes and are thankful for the many years of his life and love. Here is a story in pictures of Owen's life.

The day Marcus brought him home. He was six weeks old.

The first time I ever held him. Love at first sight.

I was so smitten. He was just Marcus's at this point since we were just dating at the time but I knew we would be family someday!

The cutest puppy there ever was. He instantly felt like a part of our family.

Daddy's boy

This is a good indicator of how small he was when we brought him home. His paws were huge though so we knew he would be a big boy!

A very big boy actually! At his largest he was 75 pounds and had enough hair to keep us all warm for the winter.

He met my mom's cat Chestnut and I felt like a zookeeper. Owen loved all animals, Chestnut not so much.

We took our engagement pictures in the fall of 2009 and we wanted some of our family of three.

Best buds forever

We bought our first home in the fall of 2009 and Marcus and Owen moved in on New Years Eve. Marcus and I were engaged at the time.

Helping make our house a home

His first snow. Winter was his favorite season.

Obviously we didn't pack him around much but he loved it when we did.

A warm summer day with Daddy. He loved wading in the AKK kiddie pool.

Our Christmas card 2010

Christmas 2010. I remember this picture took forever to take. I thought that was hard but now two babies later I realize this one was so easy lol!

And Christmas day 2011. It snowed, his day was made! 

Another Christmas memory at Ma and Pa's house.

He cheered on the Cats with my Papaw Denzel when they won the national championship in 2012! There is a print picture of the two of them.

He was a very comfortable and coddled pup :)
He loved to sit (or lay on the back of our couch depending on how our furniture was arranged) and watch out the window for the school buses.

Fall 2012-the day we paid off our little starter home. I was due with Georgia in just a few weeks.

Our first baby <3

And then we had a human baby and she became his baby too <3 <3

He loved Georgia so much and was her protector. He let her pull and tug and torment him and just took it. He really was the best.

Please note Georgia's shirt :)

A lot of mornings we would find him in her nursery.

He loved cookouts and finishing off everyone's homemade ice cream.

K-Keagen (our little cousin), G-Georgia, O-Owen, M-Marcus

Celebrating a birthday! He never cared for that party hat.

A family stroll one evening. Of course he came along too.

Playing in the snow with sister.

Like brother, like sister :)

On Thursdays Daddy would come home on his lunch break to visit us and had quite the welcome wagon!

Mother's Day with breakfast in bed and a curious O-dog

I was never a dog person until Owen. We grew up together. He was a part of so many of our biggest life events. There will never be another dog as special as him.

Big sister has the same feelings as mommy.

When we moved to our new and bigger home, he followed us all over the house no matter which floor we were on or part of the house.

When winter storm Thor hit this past winter, he thought he was in heaven.

Probably the best picture of Owen ever. I'm so glad his last winter with us was such a snowy one!

"Snowen" :)

Helping me with Georgia's laundry. Noticed Jack's little hands and Owen's proximity. These were the early newborn days.

A vet appointment back in the summer with both of my boys.

Late summer football fun in the yard

All three of my babies playing together in Jack's nursery. Jack had just learned to sit up and O was close by to protect.

He loved being outside, especially when we joined him.

Jack's three month pictures with an Owen photobomb

The last picture of Owen with his brother Jack. This was the night before he passed. You can tell how horrible he felt and how the disease had crippled his body.
We are heartbroken to say goodbye. We are relieved there is no more suffering. He was so much more than a dog to us and he has taken a piece of our hearts with him. We appreciate everyone who has reached out to us this week. Thank you so much.


  1. Thanks for sharing these Kaitlin :) sending so much luvs and hugs to the Harrison family and thinking of Owen. What a special boy to have had in your family. Blessings Darcy

  2. Thanks for sharing these Kaitlin :) sending so much luvs and hugs to the Harrison family and thinking of Owen. What a special boy to have had in your family. Blessings Darcy