Sunday, December 13, 2015

Santa's Lap 2015

Saturday we headed to Nashville to sit in Santa's lap which has become an annual tradition for us. We took Georgia to the Santa at Bass Pro Shops in Opry Mills her first Christmas and have kept the tradition alive. However after waiting in line FOREVER and dealing with bumper to bumper traffic we will either go earlier or forgo our tradition next year. This was the first year we went on a Saturday in December and it will be our last ha! You live and learn.

Anyway, we had an excited 3 year old and 8 month old who were the best little things throughout the trip. And Marcus's family came with us so we had built-in entertainment and extra pairs of hands to keep them busy and happy.
It was finally our turn and we snuck a picture with Mrs. Claus first. We asked Mrs. Claus if it would be ok and of course it was so Georgia Grace just stuck her hands up for her to hold her ha! It was the cutest. I love that she still loves to be held, even by Mrs. Claus :)
Then it was time for Santa! I felt pretty confident this year would be a happy year. 
And it was! Georgia was happy and Jack was curious but happy too. Santa asked Georgia what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "a dolly and surprises". How did we ever get so lucky!? :)
"Only a few people have wore Santa's hat, you are a very special little girl"-Santa
This made all of our days!
Four years of Santa's lap. We've covered all the emotions I do believe. These are all framed and displayed, it's one of my favorite Christmas traditions!
We had to cancel our plans for the rest of the night but we were able to do the most important thing. I think we will make another trip to Nashville before Christmas to do the other things we had planned to do.

Less than two weeks! December has flown by so quickly. This week we have more Christmas festivities as well but we still have time planned to just be home and enjoy the season. I love all the fun events that are available for kids now surrounding the holidays but I don't want that to overshadow what the season is about and lose the real spirit of Christmas. I want my kids to value a simple December night at home watching a Christmas movie by the tree and drinking hot chocolate and writing a letter to Santa. Savoring all these Christmas moments as much as I can!

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